Wednesday, 1 June 2011

And even more random conversations with my training partner(s)

On bikes, en route to Richmond Park.
BB (looking at weather) - "It's cold. And windy. And far too early."
LCM - "It is after 8am."
BB - "There is a really nice jacuzzi in the leisure centre, we could go there?"
LCM - "What are you going to do in two weeks' time during the race if the weather is like this?"
BB - "Hmmm. Retire early, buy some champagne and cheer you and the Wine Writer on from the sidelines?"
LCM (pedalling faster) - "You would be too drunk to see us."

Text exchange on a Thursday.
LCM - Plan to swim Sunday morning, bike Monday. You?
BB - Yep. How about today and tomorrow?
LCM - Have a little thing called work that gets in the way.

Via email.
WW - Did two laps of Datchet this morning mega slowly but I didn't stop too much this time (until the stretch home when the ski-ramp wasn't getting nearer soon enough so I had to stop and have a cup of tea/do breaststroke...)
LCM - That's amazing, well done! Coming again next weekend?
WW - Off to Northumberland. Best I can do is swim in North Sea. Hope it's calm.
LCM - Nutter.

Text exchange on Saturday night.
LCM - Pick you up at 6.30am. Which lake? Heron? Datchet?
BB - You give me no choice. Well, you give me choice of lake. Up to you. Super happy to be out of bed, in cold weather, bad back so any lake will get me jumping out of my skin at 6.30. Of course. Grazie.
LCM (thinks to self that BB must be drunk)

En route to lake on Sunday at 6.30am.
LCM - "Am I going the right way?"
BB - "Uhmmm..."
LCM - "It must be the other direction." (does U-turn in middle of road)
BB - "Are you sure?"
LCM - "No. Are you?"
BB - "I'm not driving."
LCM - "True." (does full 360 around roundabout).
BB - "This is the same way as before."
LCM - "It's early. I will wake up later."

At the lake.
LCM (pulling on wetsuit) - "Oh no! Jim has a hole!"
BB - "Fix it."
LCM (boom tish)

Text messages.
WW - Hope swimming ok. North Sea is utterly freezing. Did 100m only before getting frostbite in my face and hands. Insane.
LCM - Priceless! Managed two laps of Datchet last Sunday. No frostbite.


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