Thursday, 28 April 2011

Kevin's contagious case of senility

It would seem that the older we get, the more absent-minded we become. Or, in the case of Kevin, the more our memories appear to fail us the longer we continue to meet up and eat and drink our host's larder dry.

Except not even an excess of wine can be blamed this time round as the evening had barely got under way when the following exchange took place. The most worrying fact is that this is not a rare occurrence any more.

LCM - "So who managed to read both books?"

Aussie Solicitor puts her hand up proudly. And then lowers it quickly when the rest of the Kevinettes start to mutter under their breath various comments about some people being smarty-pants and the like.

Doctor of Psychology - "I read the Trinidad one, but avoided the other one as it sounded too depressing on the cover note."

Yes, we judge books by their covers. Cerebral stuff.

Belfast Blonde - "Oh. I read it. It was..."
LCM - "Depressing?"
Belfast Blonde - "Yes."

So we move on to discussing the more appealing of the two books, but are wary of ruining the plot for Belfast Blonde who has not yet read it.

Lovely Radiographer - "I was quite shocked by the event in the middle of the book, I really did not expect that."
Aussie Solicitor - "What event?"
Doctor of Psychology - "You know, the one which is unexpected?"
Aussie Solicitor looks blankly at us.
Botanical Artist - "The one after the other thing that happens that involves the husband."
Blank stare.
Lovely Radiographer - "The one where she does something to someone after something happens to her husband."
Still nothing.
LCM - "Aussie Solicitor, you did read the book, didn't you? How long ago?"
Aussie Solicitor - "Two weeks?"

We wonder if she is pulling our legs. She isn't.

Botanical Artist - "Did you read the same book as us?"

Turns out she did, plus she has been to Trinidad (for work) and hence was even able to enlighten us all as to the actual status quo of the island, its past history and current events.

But the 'event' in the book? Total blank.

Eventually our host - the Lovely Radiographer (who had dispatched her husband to Macclesfield this time round so he would not complain again about us scoffing all the food and leaving him nowt to eat, as per previous occasions) - intervened.

"Oh FFS," she blurted, "The woman's husband dies and she takes a gun and goes to the local police station and shoots the fat copper!"

So, was Belfast Blonde concerned about the revelation that gave away the story? Not at all. One less book for her to read. More time to devote to drinking and eating. And talking. And laughing.

At the rate we're going, we'll all be forgetting what we are supposed to be reading for Kevin's next rendezvous. Just as well I noted it in the side panel to the right.

I think.

I might have to check with the others. Now what were their names... *wanders off*


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