Saturday, 26 March 2011

Random conversations with my training partner

LCM  - "I always looks at people's nails and shoes."
BB - "Why?"
LCM - "It tells me about their character, more than their clothes or demeanour."
BB - "Really?"
LCM - "Yes. A CEO can be dressed in designer suits, wear a Tag Heuer watch, flash his cards about, but if his nails are chewed to the quick or his shoes are scuffed or worn down at the heel, that tells me more than anything he can say to me to impress."
BB - " I chew my nails."
LCM - "Oh."

LCM - "So this guy decides to make the whole redundancy issue at work a race-related one and tells me I am only 'getting rid of him' because he is black."
BB - "What colour is he?"
LCM - "Uhmmm. Black?"

BB - "Are you seriously going to become a rugby coach?"
LCM - "Yes."
BB - "But what will OH say when you sit by him during matches and have a running commentary about all the decisions and penalties, etc etc etc?"
LCM - "No idea. Divorce?"

BB - "Have you enrolled in the West Wight Triathlon for this year yet?"
LCM - "Uhmm... (sheepishly) No."
BB - "Why not?"
LCM - "I haven't got round to it yet."
BB - "What are you waiting for? (taps foot impatiently)"
LCM - "End of Lent?"

LCM - "I will be working from home next Thursday, we could go for a bike ride at lunch time?"
BB - "It's my mother's birthday."
LCM - "Is she going to come with us?"

BB - "The spot lights in my kitchen are not working and I called the electrician who said it is a fault with the wiring and they will have to drill holes in the ceiling to figure out where the problem is."
LCM - "Did you get a second opinion?"
BB - "Yes, and the fellow fixed it too."
LCM - "Excellent. No holey ceiling then?"
BB - "True, and we have dimmers as well now on the lights."
LCM - "Very flash."
BB - "Yes, convenient when I haven't done any tidying up."

LCM - "Unbelievable. Almost a year ago we were flying out to Brazil."
BB - "Doesn't time fly?"
LCM - "Yup. A year also since the worst floods in twenty years, and the infamous volcanic ash catastrophe."
BB - "I am a year older."
LCM - "That too."


Yadda yadda yadda...