Saturday, 11 December 2010

One more for the road

Today I finally capitulated.

After three months (probably more, I lose count) of nagging by my erstwhile training partner BB, I have actually purchased a turbo trainer.

A what? I hear you say.

A. Turbo. Trainer.

A thingy with grips and bolts and stuff that you stick the back wheel of your bike in to. Or something like that. Instant static bicycle transformation. Amazing. Who cares what the weather is doing?

Here's a photo for your delectation, just in case you thought I was going halves in another car.

Ooooh yeah baby! Where do I plug you in?
Whaddaya think? Good gadget? Useful entertainment? Justified substitute for hours otherwise spent watching crappy TV shows at night? *

Because, you see, being back in gainful employment once more means not only do I have less time to blog/tweet/write next chapter in the never-ending novel/read entertaining posts, but also, far more importantly, I have fallen w a a a a a a y y y behind with any training. Not good.

So a turbo trainer it is.

Be prepared now for the 'new' LCM approach to keeping things on track.

  • Laundry - watching machine gyrations can provide endless entertainment, especially whilst trying to keep in time with rotations as you aim for maximum pedal power
  • Homework - a radical new tactic for getting the kids to learn their timetables: "If mummy has a cadence of 90 for 5 minutes, how many kilometers has she ridden in an hour?" (Answer: does it matter, she will still feel like shit)
  • Conference calls - "LCM can you slow down please when you are talking? You are coming across rather breathless and it is a tad unnerving..." 
  • Online grocery shopping - WTF am I supposed to do with 55 courgettes? Damn, I knew typing and pedalling at the same time was a mistake
  • Cooking - you're kidding me, right?
And of course, in the best festive spirit I am disguising this new purchase and will be giving it to OH as his Xmas present.

At least if it does not get maximum usage I will not feel as guilty.

* aside from The Apprentice, of course. That is compulsive viewing and better than any comedy series of late.


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