Sunday, 26 December 2010

Is it over yet? How many more sleeps 'til normality resumes?

I have survived. Another Christmas done and dusted and not a turkey in sight in the LCM household. (We had lamb. Slow cooked on the bar-be-que with herbs and spices, just in case you thought I had turned vegetarian). 

I even managed a morning festive run, although it was more a case of 'Slip Sliding Away' than 'Chariots of Fire' given the amount of ice around. Certainly it was nothing like this:

Once upon a time in Spain, 'twas sweltering...

Presents opened, food eaten, wine drunk, Queen's speech avoided (I heard it was topical and she spoke of sport... Isn't that a bit like a teetotaller extolling the virtues of a hot toddie to cure flu?), children dispatched with an assortment of Zu Zu pets that have kept them entertained for hours. Yes, HOURS. Possibly, if not definitely, the best ever £7.50 spent on any single non-pet pet ever. Times the number of 'animals' by three, throw in a hamster funhouse - which I initially resisted as it cost a ridiculous sum for what is essentially nasty cheap plastic, possibly made from the left-overs of surgery gone wrong √° la Felicity Kendal, Cher or Joan Rivers - and voil√°, entertainment for the little people.

And no, this is not a sponsored post. Although if the makers of the cute little battery-operated pseudo-hamsters would like to send some additional gadgets, the cherubs would be most receptive. As would their mother.

So. Now just to deal with additional relatives flying in tonight, more food and cooking and cleaning and eating and drinking and everything else that comes with it (read: laundry), throw in a couple more parties, a child's birthday, a few more runs to clear the cobwebs and keep the calories under control, and then - and only then - I may be able to get back to the peace and quiet... of the office.


And you?


Yadda yadda yadda...