Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Show me the funny but mind the CCTV

Week 33 of the Gallery. Already? Blimey that came round fast.

And so too did the latest get-together of the Vegemite Vixens, that very exclusive club.*

I think this photo (taken, I hasten to add, by Muddling Along and including our surprise guest Note from Lapland, along with Rachel, Vix and yours truly) speaks volumes of what happens when friends meet up and are let loose on the town Reading with no children in tow.

The topic for this week is: show me the funny. So if this photo does not make you laugh, then about time you went looking for your sense of humour. And that's from all of us.

A case of life imitating art?

p.s. no animals bloggers were harmed during the taking of this photo, promise.

* you can join, but bribery is compulsory and the going rate at present is our combined body weight in Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc


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