Sunday, 7 November 2010

Pondering the meaning of a working life. And rugby.

So. One week gone already. That was fast. And furious. And fulminatingly frenetic.

Did I just make that word up? Fulminatingly, not furious. I think it would be classified as an adverb, although I would have to look it up as I did not study such things at my (foreign) school and still get confused when asked to "preface the sentence with a noun/verb/adjective/adverb (delete as appropriate)". Wreaks havoc with the children's homework.
I usually go with common sense and leave it there, although this does make for some interesting interpretations. And comments from the teachers.
Note to self: consult dictionary.

I digress. For those of you who had the pleasure of laughing at my latest technology gaffe, let me regale you with a few other anecdotes. Some of these may be familiar to the working mums amongst us.

  1. Remembering your route to your new place of employment is a good idea. Brownie points if you get it right each time. Parking in the MD's spot though is not necessarily the best way to impress on your first day.
  2. If you drive to work in your 'casual' shoes, remember to take your heels with you. Business suit and scuffed trainers do not a good combo make.
  3. Taking a notebook with you to work so you always have something to write in is a good idea. Taking one that is replete with your daughter's drawings is not.
  4. Change the ring tone on your mobile phone. When you inadvertently leave it on your desk and the dulcet tones of the Hawaii 5-O theme tune start reverberating round the office, people might wonder how serious you really are.
  5. When descending stairs in full view of the company's open plan foyer, hold the bannister. It is there for a reason. 
  6. Fish pie with spinach is not the best thing to eat at your 'welcome lunch'. But if you insist, a) check your smile afterwards, and b) do this in the loo with a toothbrush to hand.
  7. Remember toothbrush.
  8. If you say your newly acquired car is a go-cart, your colleagues will take you at face value. If you say it was OH's idea to buy it, they will nod and vow silently never to accept a lift with you in the future.
  9. Taking photos on the tube is one thing. Taking photos from behind the wheel is a whole other ball game. One phrase: stationary traffic.
  10. The laundry fairy has not gone on holiday. She is just waiting to dump it all at your feet the moment you walk in the door.
Oh. And since I somehow found a little bit of spare time, I have decided to attend the 'Introduction to tag rubgy' course on Tuesday night at the boys' club. I have illusions of coaching and (heaven forbid) eventually refereeing rugby union matches. 

Personally I blame OH. He did it and says I should follow suit. 

I would much rather follow Gavin Henson. Or James Hook

Right, must concentrate now. Another week commencing tomorrow...


Yadda yadda yadda...