Sunday, 31 October 2010

What the eye sees - the Finnish version

So. The infamous series has struck a chord elsewhere. Not to be outdone, Note from Lapland's Heather has been inspired by her adopted country and is guest posting for me today. Enjoy.

The Finns are famous for lots of things; Nokia, alcoholism, that God awful rock band Lorde...umm...that's about it I think, perhaps a list of things they are not famous for would be more fitting? And given what I found in my in-flight magazine on the plane from Finland to London the other day, fashion design could well be another thing they can add to list of things they are not famous for.

Would you care to take a guess as to how much this monstrosity would set you back? This delightful woolen jumpsuit, guaranteed to have you dying not only of chronic embarrassment but also hypothermia given there was snow on the ground in Finland when I was reading this, is so expensive the wouldn't even print the price - price on request.

This well thought out and constructed white down jacket...cough splutter choke. White down jacket? It's a duvet, any fool can see that! A duvet with a couple of poppers stuck on it so you can wrap it around you! Seriously, how long do you think it took them to make this? Perhaps is was in a bid to stop the poor model above from contracting hypothermia. Anyway, this stylish piece will set you back...go on, how much do you reckon? What does a duvet cost, 40€? Add in the cost of a few poppers and mark up for 'design'. 100€, 150€? Ha ha ha, nowhere near. 438€. Yes. I know.

You know how cute your toddler looks when they try to put their head in the sleave of your jumper when attempting to dress up in mummy's clothes? Well now you can recreated that cute look in your man! For a measly 225€ your can have all the cute of the toddler without any of the banana smeared television screens or tantrums in the supermarket.

Please, people of Finland, stick to what you are good at - drinking, playing bad accordion music and making phones. The world really isn't ready (and I doubt it ever will be) for this level of clothing innovation.


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