Thursday, 14 October 2010

This is what happens when your training partners are sadists

Remember this? And this? Of course, how could you forget?
And this? Yes, the beginning of the end of whatever decency was left.

Anyway. Brazilian Babe and I get an email through last week from the Wine Writer.
She writes (I quote, I am not making this up, promise):

"OK this might be bananas, but how about three Triathlons in three weekends...? Blenheim 5th June, Windsor 11th June, Henley 19th June.
I'd quite like to try each of these, but they just happen to be consecutive weekends next year...
OK, just ignore me if you think I'm nuts."

Her view was that she "kind of liked the idea of Tri girls, trying hard to do tri triathlons. I thought it might have some fund-raising mileage."


BB and I looked at each other. We consulted with a professional triathlete (whose wise words were "You need to have at least two weeks between competitions"). We did some calculations. We sent an avalanche of text messages amongst ourselves. We scoured the websites. We did some more calculations. We mused over calendars. We - thoughtfully - checked school half term and holiday dates. We also - even more thoughtfully - sought approval from our other halves.

End result? 

We are now all enrolled in the Windsor Triathlon on June 12th 2011.
Brilliant. Eight months of (mostly winter) training to look forward to. Rain, snow, cold, wind... mmmmm.

OMG I am going to drown, forget sense of humour failure

Oh. And did I mention that BB and WW got their way, sort of?

It is Olympic distance.




Life is too important to be taken seriously (Oscar Wilde).
Leave me a comment. I may consider the alternative (LCM).

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