Monday, 6 September 2010

Pushing the limit

Another weekend, another race.
Another bribe, of sorts, to BB so she would also partake in the experience.

Of course, considering she whipped my arse yet again, I am now seriously thinking about asking for my money back. Although that might be counterproductive as then I really would have noone to compete against train with.

Anyway - whinging will get you nowhere aside from the naughty step. So I will just weigh her down with rocks next time. That should do it (no idea how I will put this plan into action yet, advice welcome...).

Yesterday saw a number of women - some 12,000 plus to be precise - take part in the Adidas 5k in Hyde Park. To my delight Vegemitevix and Nova were there too, more about that later.

Considering I don't 'do' crowds, I thought my tolerance was good.

Has anyone seen my dog? Small, inconspicuous...
Although maybe my enthusiasm to down a power shot half an hour before the starting gun in order to beat BB's target - which she so kindly set for both of us, never asked me, mind you - was not such a wise idea.

I looked at the bottle afterwards. "Equivalent to one strong cup of coffee," it said. I had already had one of those, a real one, not more than an hour earlier. Hmmmm.

"Did you take the Energy Elixir I gave you?" BB asked me.

"Ummm, yes, that too," I admitted, now somewhat sheepishly.
I am reading the back of the Elixir box now.
It states (I quote) 'Just one tube daily, that's all it takes.'

Okay, so that is why I had palpitations all the way round the course, shallow breathing and a heart rate of 184.

Hey, you live and learn. At least I also lived to tell the tale. And finished.

So, BB says "We are going to do this in under 25 minutes."
Is she crazy? Best I usually do for 5k is 27 minutes, and that's pushing it.

Never mind. We wangle our way into the start-up zone, the 'sub-25s'. Not more than three metres in front of us are the world champions, rearing to go. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Or pee in my pants.

I turn to BB and say, "This is a joke, right?" and then the horn goes and we're off and it's all a blur and a mass of arms, bodies, legs and BB pulls ahead in the fourth kilometre and I somehow manage to sprint the last five hundred metres to finish.

Time? 25.01.

Okay, so BB's was 24.32, but she didn't 'experiment' with power shots, so I guess I win for surviving.

Note how LCM has managed to raise herself from the prostrate position
and is clinging on to BB for dear life

And then there was the goodie bag.

What would they have put in a 'men's only race' goodie bag, eh? Beer tokens?
I love how we all conform to the Vanish lady stereotype and apparently need to do the washing at any opportunity. Tsk.

But best of all was having a meet-up and laugh with my lovely blogger friends afterwards.

Well done ladies. You done us all proud.

Yadda yadda yadda...