Sunday, 15 August 2010

Sometimes you get sent some peculiar things. Or awards. From Down Under.

This came today by express blog mail. The missive came with the following tag line:
"And in the interests of Karma and paying it forward and all that bollocks, I am kicking this award over to London City Mum, who I am not sure likes to cook, but I sure knows she enjoys a tipple."

I must confess that when I first saw the award in question I thought three things:
  1. But I can actually cook - just no cakes please
  2. And I don't drink vodka - or not to my knowledge anyway... there was that one time many years ago involving a New Year Eve's party, a few cocktails too many and a lasting impression on OH's younger brothers... but I digress
  3. And why is that cow about to headbutt the bottle? Is she confused and thinks it is an upside-down milking machine on strike? With red nipples?
I think that is more than just three questions. Don't ask me complicated questions on a Sunday.

Anyway. Mrs Woog.

First things first: thank you (manners are very important in the LCM household, and remember to put the loo seat down please).

Second: I seem to gather from the blurb accompanying the award that I am supposed to now divulge ten things about me that might just titillate your senses.

Hah! As if. Never divulge inner secrets. They just return under a different guise to bite you on the bum.

So here are my ten alternative not-so-secret secrets that will cause no harm whatsoever if they come up in any future job interview. I hope.
  1. I have cold hands. And feet. They turn blue. It's called Raynaud (the syndrome, not my feet) and OH makes me wear socks in bed in winter. Very sexy, I promise.
  2. I have a full motorcycle license and have been riding bikes since I was about 14. And yes, I have sufficient additional helmets to carry passengers. Safely.
  3. Continuing from point 2 above. Best passenger: BB (my training partner). Worst passenger: OH. Don't ask. Let's just say that if being in the same rowing boat was bad enough to be denounced by others in the crew at the time, this topped it. I would have left him behind but it was 2am and in the middle of nowhere convenient. And he was all decked out in leather. I am a *nice* person after all.
  4. My maternal great-grandparents came from Lithuania, Latvia, Scotland and New Zealand. And no I do not speak Russian. But I can do Kiwi at a push.
  5. I have three piercings in my left ear. Since I am a serious businesswoman, I only use one of them. Sometimes the wrong one so it looks like I have a lop-sided head. Oh. I do? Right, as you were then.
  6. My mother and I share the same birthday.
  7. My favourite food is rigatoni al sugo.
  8. And carciofi (artichokes) alla romana.
  9. And good quality ice cream like the one they serve here.
  10. My ideal job would to be Daniel Craig's swimmers. Okay, you knew this already. But nothing better has appeared on the horizon, so it still stands.

So, third. Who to lop this award over to? I know. *cackles*
The original Vegemite Vixens. Who else? Vicky, Peabee, Muddling Along and Rachel.

Now go and amuse yourselves. I have some small people calling me 'Mummy' that I have to attend to.

Yadda yadda yadda...