Monday, 5 July 2010

Robots Anonymous (not quite)

Now I think I turned up at the right place. Lots of other women milling round exchanging (sometimes hesitant) greetings and launching themselves at each other when virtual recognition became reality. It felt a bit like a 'sleb-fest, although to be honest, I have no idea what that is like either.

Actually I know I turned up at the right place because I was instantly plied with irrelevant freebies that were swiftly dispatched to the more desperate deserving amongst us, ie mothers with young babies.

It was either that or a quick trip down North End Road to see if any of the Saturday stall holders wanted the goods.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not being ungrateful, I just had limited use for a) feeding bottles, b) weaning spoons, and c) pureed organic baby food.

I did try to fob them off on to my partner in crime, The Prez, but she was having none of it.

"My children are more grown up than yours," she said, tossing her locks.

"Oh no they are not," I replied defiantly.

"Oh yes they are," she countered.

"Prove it!" I said

"My house will be trashed when I get home.Yours will still look presentable."

"Yeah," I said, "But that's only because I lock them in the garage when I go out." *

I digress.

So - the infamous CM. How was it for me? Well, aside from showing my face at a public event meant banishing (almost all) anonymity, I loved meeting new 'virtual' friends in the flesh. By far that was the very best thing of the entire day. Now whether they felt the same way putting a face to the sarcasm only time will tell...

On the plus side we have also established a new, very exclusive, club, which is *cough* by invitation only.
The Prez has final say on any new members being introduced, although bribery is fully acceptable provided it is accompanied by copious bottles of Oyster Bay Sav Blanc (you can take the girl out of NZ, but you can't take the bottle of wine out of her hands without a fight).

The badge is here:

Wear it (if you were fortunate enough to get one) and display it on your blog with pride!

* I made that whole conversation up btw, but am sure all will be forgiven as I did post her shoes, wig and granny shawl back to her this morning by special delivery. I could have just given the lot to the neighbour's dog. Although a Shih-Zhu in a blonde curly wig might look - ahem - slightly peculiar. Never mind. Next!

Yadda yadda yadda...