Wednesday, 28 July 2010

A natural take on the Gallery - week 21

Having missed my weekly dose of photo-gazing - courtesy of that pesky thing known as 'work', it's a bugger, it is - I now have some time on my hands, what with being on a brief holiday (this time with internet access) and having bribed the kids with all kinds of rubbish and sent them outside to play with water pistols, bags of crisps, ping pong balls and bats. There are some strange noises coming from the garden but I will do what I do best and yell at OH to deal with it.

I am busy.

So - Her Highness says the theme this week is Nature. Hmmmm...

I thought I could submit this:

Real live caterpillars dreaming about being butterflies

Or this:

Live butterfly who thought life as a caterpillar basically sucked *look at me look at me gorgeous colours in my wings and no gazillion bloody feet to contend with* 

Or this:

Canopy of trees

Or even this:

I used to be a tree then some fool thought I would look good as a piece of furniture - which would be great but they made me into a flippin' coffin forchrissake...

And then I thought, why change a habit of a lifetime?

So here you go. My take on nature - a photo conveniently titled "Peaches".

Job done.

Yadda yadda yadda...