Sunday, 25 July 2010

Kevin goes countrywide

You guess it. Kevin met again. This time in the beautiful countryside surrounding Henley, and not a rowing blazer or a skirt below the knee in sight.

One of the Kevinettes (our Doctor of Psychology, I seem to recall) mused, "It's just like being in St. Tropez," as we lounged in the garden of the Wine Writer, quaffing a delectable rosé - the first of a few bottles - and enjoying the sunshine.
"All we need now is a yacht docked in the harbour to people-watch from... and some servants to see to our every need..." At which point there was some noise from the kitchen and then - hey presto - a fabulous meal appeared on the table before us, just like that.

And was devoured at speed. We are not known as the 'troughers' by the Lovely Radiographer's husband for no reason. OH reckons we pretend to be a book club, and in reality just sit around eating, drinking, and talking - lots.

"You're right, we do," I answered him. "But we do also discuss the books. Except for the Accountant-turned-Nutritionist. She never reads the books, and if she has it is just coincidence."

"So why does she come along?" he asked.

"Because she gets a free meal, lots of wine and plenty of funny discussions."

"But she could get that at home watching the telly?"

"No, she couldn't."


"We are not on the telly."

So to the books - the likes of the latest two, if you want to join 'virtually' as we have such a high selection criteria for our members *cough*, are listed along the right hand side of this blog - which were dispensed with pretty rapidly. We all liked one, we all struggled with (and in fact abandoned) the other. I will leave you to decide which one deserved what fate. Alternatively click on the links (I am just too nice today).

Best comment from the Doctor of Psychology who queried why male authors always seem to kill off successful and happy women in their novels. We agreed with her theory that it is "because they cannot write about them".

Alternatively it is because they tend to drink their host's cellar dry, quaff all the food in the larder and fridge, and then overstay their welcome by about ten years or so.

Maybe that is why Kevin remains such a select group.

Yadda yadda yadda...