Saturday, 10 July 2010

I wanna be a rock star but I might need new hips

Just a quickie as I have already written something about this here.

On Wednesday some of my luscious mummy friends and I joined the avalanche of regulars - and many of their offspring, but wisely none of ours - at the Kew Gardens Summer Swing Festival. If you have never been, more the shame, especially when the weather plays ball and the evenings are warm and balmy.

Enough about the forecast.

Here is who we went to see:

Ring any bells? No?

How about this?

Remind you of someone?

Okay, last chance then - ignore the guitarist from Slash who looks like a gatecrasher.

Yes, it is the fabulous Bjorn Again. A great excuse to let your hair down, sing (off key) very loudly, and scare all the attending children with your frenetic 1970s dance moves and pogo-jumping antics. Of course, a few glasses of wine help as well. Although it then becomes a fine balance between enjoyment and containment as we realised after a steady hour or so of bopping that we could be serious contenders for Tena Lady.

Upside: so many youngsters fled our vicinity we moved right up to the front of the stage. In fact, we have already established that next year we intend to go one better and get on it.

Downside: that zimmer frame I had been putting off is now on order.

By the way, this is what we looked like, well, two of us anyway, suitably doctored of course:

And this was the lovely photographer (she must have momentarily fled the stage) who snapped us in full flow:

But more than anything, we were intrigued by this interloper who not only was dressed as a heavy metal fan (the Slash guitarist's sole true devotee), but was also intent on waving a half-eaten baguette towards the stage for the duration.

Honestly, the things people do when they get older. Tsk.

Yadda yadda yadda...