Wednesday, 9 June 2010

What Kevin did next - again (or how a new book award was created)

Kevin reconvened last night.

Typically the conversation took a variety of diversions (trips, triathlon, work, food, bondage... made that last one up, just to check you were paying attention) before we got down to the serious job of discussing books. Proper, serious, grown-up themed books. No Kipper, Chip or Biff in sight.

The banter went something along these lines:

LCM (throws crap book on floor, kicks it forcibly) - Aaarrrggghhh!

Belfast Blonde - Are you doing a Greek dance?

LCM - No, I am expressing disgust that this book was ever even published.

Doctor of Psychology - Just finished it on tube this morning. Good manners in public stopped me from hurling it on the floor and stamping on it.

Lovely Radiographer - Oh well, that's one less book for me to bother with then as I had not read it yet.

LCM - Here, have my copy.

LR - No thanks.

LCM - You can keep it.

LR - Nup.

LCM (looking at Dr of P, who was hosting, and pointing outside) - Barbeque fodder?

Dr of P - It's raining.

BB - Donate it to charity?

LCM - I could never be so cruel to charity.

In the end it came home with me and I intend to make a 'secret Santa' present of it at some stage. You have been warned. Either that or compost for the garden. Although it is that bad it will probably kill the plants.

Anyway, rubbish aside, we discussed the other books. One which was akin to reading 'an author on acid' (my own comment, not at all opinionated of course) and another which we were mostly ambivalent about, more than anything because 'we' could not understand how it had won the Booker prize. One critic had also expressed doubts at the time which echoed our own.

So, to the point. Kevin has decided to launch a new book prize. The rules are very simple:
  • in October, we review the books we have chosen over the previous twelve months (the most recent ones are listed down the right hand side of this blog)
  • each member (there are eight of us) selects two favourites
  • we then all vote on the top nominees, and....
Ta-dah - a winner! Who will be sent a very nice letter telling them that they are the proud recipient of the Kev Curl T'ongue Award*.

Of course what goes on behind the scene (tantrums, foot-stomping, gratuitous swearing and the like by the 'judges') will be covered exclusively in this blog.

I may even put up a poll so that other readers can cast their vote. Although that might be a tad too democratic for Kevin's liking.

* The origin of the name from a comment by the Lovely Radiographer about the ability to speed read being akin to curling your tongue: you can either do it or you cannot. Simple. Appropriate analogy to writing a book, methinks.


  1. oh Christ, that does sounds like a terrible book. It is a mystery how some of them get published. I suffer from the terrible affliction of not being able to stop reading a book I have started until the end. Needless to say I have read some dross.

  2. I really must stop reading so many blogs and start reading books again. I am relying on you to separate the good stuff from the dross, and I will follow like a sheep. Baaa

  3. Somebody told me that if one of your parents can curl their tongue, then so can you. If they can't then you can't, end of story. This news item was sponsored by

  4. My family is split between those of us who can curl (almost all of us) and those who can't (my sister) so its a teeny tiny bone of contention

    Speed reading, I reckon being short sighted makes it easier to do - you just recognise shapes and you're off

    I'm deeply jealous of your book club


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