Saturday, 26 June 2010

(Not) Super-technology-mum - volunteers wanted

Less than a week to go and CyberMummy will be upon us. Members of the Robotics Anonymous community will be converging on West London like a swarm of locusts.
Partners will be lumped with offspring, grandparents will be bribed into babysitting, and glad rags will be dusted down for showing off to new friends.
Hairdressers have been booked, mani/pedis scheduled, and age-defying potions invested in, all as we aim to look our very best for the day.

After all, you only get one chance to impress, and that first 'look' counts for everything, right? Photoshop in the flesh does not quite have the same effect as the real thing. Personally, I am experimenting with blue-tack, superglue and elastic bands, combined with a few clothes pegs and one blonde curly wig (much coveted by another blogger, I hasten to add).

So with that in mind I had the brilliant idea of trying to install a new comments format on my blog.

Did I ever mention that I am technically incompetent? Useful really, considering the arena I work in (financial services technology).

But, unlike our male counterparts (*cough*), I do follow instructions. It seemed that everything was working fine and dandy, I was feeling very pleased with myself, with the new format looking very swish and comments appearing the way they should until...
  • comments suddenly needed moderating before they would appear (contrary to settings)
  • old comments from previous posts 'diasppeared' (having been there moments before)
  • newer comments reverted back to the old format (of their own free will)
  • all remedies suggested by the FAQ page made things worse (or got me totally confused)
I guess this is what you call in our industry a configuration issue.

Better known as a bug.*

Never mind. I will persist. Help welcome. Minimum wage offered. Just sorry to lose so many valuable and lovely comments, they make my day.(*goes to sit in the corner and sob quietly to self lamenting lack of geeky knowledge*)

* Or possibly this is divine retribution for my happy snapping.

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  1. So sorry to hear of your malfunction, I only wish I could help, but I too am technically challenged, I can't even work out how to move pictures around in my post, so you're way ahead of me already, hope it rights itself soon..x


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