Sunday, 6 June 2010

Laundry, laundry, laundry. And then some.

Where is the laundry fairy when you need her? Half term and supposedly there should have been a tad lower volume of dirty clothes to deal with. That is, if like me you attempt to send your kids to holiday club in the same kit day in, day out, hoping that the grass marks, food stains and assorted grubby embellishments will be less noticeable on casual clothes than on school uniforms.

Hah! No chance.

Being 'out' of uniform of course means having the opportunity to demostrate innate designer tendencies, especially as far as Blossom is concerned.

Cue new fairy costume, recently received hand-me-down t-shirts, Capri-style trousers, crop tops, hot pants, fleeces, cotton cardigans, an assortment of head gear, and other accessories.

Plus with my own triathlon training regime seeing the pile of 'kit' grow on a daily basis, it has not even been a case of 'it can wait'. Who enjoys exercise when the whiffs that greet you are reminiscent of past workouts? Not me. Although I do recall university days when a certain member of the men's squad wore kit so disgustingly stinky that you had to run through the boat house if he were present out of fear of suffocation. Gave a whole new context to the phrase 'control your breathing' during outings.

I digress. The purpose of this post is actually to thank the lovely Aimee for sending me a very generous sample of Ariel with Actilift to trial. It is fair to say that it does what it says on the box.

Now if she also has a spare laundry fairy to send my way, I would be grateful for that too.


  1. After months of house doing up that involved the water off much of the time I have just scaled the mount Everest of a laundry mound.

    I have decided that it is time for the advent of biodegradable, disposable clothes.

    Or a free army of laundry faires for every household.


  2. I would appreciate any sort of help with domestic chores fairy ! or any kind of stuff to trial :) please and thank you :)


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