Friday, 18 June 2010

How do you do?

Okay, okay, I give in. Carly has put forward the idea to invite Cybermummy attendees to post a brief intro about themselves in order to facilitate identification at the event.

So following some heckiling from the back row (you know who you are) I am complying, in a fashion.

Name: London City Mum, alias Captain MacJackboots. Also known variously as Teenage Witch (long story), The Boss, and Whinge-a-lot.

Blog: you're here, aren't you?

Twitter ID: @LondonCityMum

Epithet: in the making

Career: "more jobs than hot dinners" (comment courtesy OH)

Height: enough to see over the steering wheel when driving

Hair: yes

Eyes: two, more when angry

Likes: photographing unsuspecting victims and turning into blog fodder, looking like nutter all for the sake of a good cause, reading and telling it as it is.

Am sure I will stand out in the crowd now.


  1. gutted I'm not going to be there and meet you! think you will have to carry a portable webcam with you and then I can be there virtually!More for all the drunken gossip than anything else.

  2. Glad to know that you have hair and at least two eyes. Not doing the CyberMummy day but hope you have a good time.

  3. Oh, what a coincidence!! I have hair and two eyes too!! We should recognise each other immediately then. It's getting nearer... exciting!! xxxx

  4. I think I will carry a jar of vegemite so you know it's me. Or maybe I'll just smear my face with vegemite? But two eyes? Only two? How am I to pick you out of the crowd??

  5. I'm not going to Cybermummy but great idea! Although I reckon there'll be a few of you there with hair.. are you sure you'll be able to tell each other apart??

  6. Heather - had I known I would have arranged for my private jet to collect and fly you over for the event. Unfortunately it has been clamped by that bastard traffic warden who said I could not leave it on the grass verge. Typical.

    Mother Hen - as above. Will miss you both.

    LWM - indeed, I hope so, especially as everyone else is bound to be done up to the nines whereas the two of us will be casually wearing our bikinis, yes?

    Vix - if you insist on carrying a jar of vegemite with you, I will find you, no problem. Just make sure it is open so I can dunk my toasted soldiers in to eat with my boiled egg.

    FortyNotOut - as per the ladies above. I wish you lot would let me know in advance when the lear jet is required. This business of parking up and being clamped is most inconvenient! Next time will flick hair a' la Cheryl Cole to get out of the situation "because I'm worth it".

  7. I'm so sad I can't make it. Have a feeling we'd have bumped into one another in the bar!

  8. I am not going either! Boo hoo - but I shall be looking forward to reading all off the Cyber mummy blog offs! The blog is on!........It's going to go global innit!

  9. wended my way here by backtracking the spanish inquisition which has just landed at mine, to find you are cybermummying too. Jolly good. Slightly nervous that lots of you seem to know each other and I don't know anyone but hey, I guess it'll all come out in the wash. I hope.

  10. Hey Jax - welcome and looking forward to meeting you too! We are all 'virtual' friends, so nothing to be scared of. We don't bite (yet).


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