Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Get out of my hair! The Gallery - week 16

Creatures, monsters, cherubs.

Whatever you call them. But yes they are mine, all mine!

This is called "Please-find-a-way-of-entertaining-yourself-so-Mummy-can-have-a-chat-with-her-friends-for-ten-minutes-with-no-interruptions-thank-you-very-much."

Thanks Tara - was just looking for an excuse to post this photo and as always you come up trumps.


  1. Yes, there's a fine line between monster and cherub! They look positively angelic bouncing away!

  2. Thought it was going to be about locusts with a title like that. But your little angels instead. Aaah..

  3. I thought it was going to be about nits - and given LCM take on a theme it really could have been. But, fine line between monster and cherub indeed, although they always seem cherubic when asleep...

  4. Ha ha love your little creatures! I love a good bounce on a bouncy castle too but sadly don't get the chance nowadays :-(. Too big for them now boo! Lol

  5. Ten minutes, is it really that much to ask for? I tell Elf "This is MY playtime too you know" and he's now started saying that to me when I shoo him away. Only if one of my mummy friends is there though, not if I'm on my own! - HMx

  6. Did you get the 10 mins? It is an impossibility in our house, sigh. Lovely photo :) Jen.

  7. Hmmm - did I get the 10 minutes? I think so, but seem to recall saying 'Ask Daddy' quite a lot and fobbing them off on my father who was also present.

    More importantly, I would like to point out that they STILL had boundless amounts of energy despite a steady half hour of 'bouncing'.


  8. I could do with getting one of those for my garden...can you get them with a get so they can't escape?


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