Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Freedom of Speech - Vix, this is for you!

Or why I have Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights listed on the side panel of this blog.

A question recently posted in a comment from my virtual-soon-to-be-tangible friend Vegemitevix had me thinking about this. There is a whole story behind the reason for it being there in the first place, so I figured enough time has passed now for me to illuminate you a tad more.

For those of you who are relatively new to this blog, let me recap, very briefly, work-related events of the past year. Now pay attention closely.
  • LCM has senior position with tech company which she thoroughly enjoys: great team, super boss, lovely colleagues, challenging clients, innovative products
  • firm is taken over by B'Stard Company
  • everything starts to go tits up
  • LCM is made redundant
  • LCM finds new job
The end? Well, not quite. Aside from the huge disappointment with regard to the 'new' management style (or lack of it), the whole experience did provide LCM with great fodder for the blog - from an observational perspective as to how not to run a company. All very tongue-in-cheek, as per the tagline here and at the Evening Standard where I also write.


Except that LCM had underestimated the level of obsessive distrust by the Paranoid Former Employer (aka PFE) which - despite their name never being mentioned, nor those of any employees of the company past or present - decided to take issue with the matter and insinuate all manner of libel and slander and the like. They even threw in the kitchen sink (metaphorically-speaking) for good measure.

Which, considering I was insignificant enough to be ditched, is, well, pretty pathetic really.


And the new job LCM landed put her right back in the firing line (as in 'cause for contention', not as in being laid off again or placed in front of a firing squad - although PFE would have relished that I think) as it entailed advising a key client on new technology for which PFE was one of the two vendors bidding for the business. (Are you confused yet?)

Did I mention that I had also done the original pitch for PFE with this client? No, I thought not.
So, despite my new role being that of an 'impartial advisor' on the project, PFE went ballistic, got their knickers in a total twist and started spitting chips at every available opportunity. And then some.

It was ugly. Worse than this.

Anyway, to cut a looooooooooong and very boooooooring story short, legal advice put things to right, a standard compromise agreement was signed and that was that.


However, since PFE have a tendency to play nasty - and sadly other former colleagues have also borne testament to this, so it was not 'just me' - and still like to come by and have a snoop (*waves*), I have put the Freedom of Speech article on the side, as a subtle reminder.

It's a bit like children really. You have to keep on repeating yourself until the message finally gets through.

p.s. Of course, as part of the compromise agreement I had to remove all posts mentioning PFE or anonymous nick-named associates, a huge shame as some of them were very, very entertaining, even if I say so myself. But possibly too close to the mark which is why they took exception to them. Never mind. There will always be the book one day.


  1. Ahhhhhh now I see. What a kerfuffle! Yup big nameless tech companies are a bit like that really aren't they. Sigh. Too much testerone and eau de Master of the Universe usually! Good for you for taking them on! xx

  2. Blimey, my head is in a spin. Well done you for standing up and being counted and 'YAY' for Freedom of Speech!

  3. Having read every single of yours posts and every single word... am STUNNED that such children wear Grown Up Suits and go to work and tell other people what to do... and I say YAY too for Freedom of Speech, and oh, PLEASE write more... let them get knickers so much in a twist that they garrott (???) themselves... xx

  4. Hurrah for Freedom of Speech.

    (And, as you say, there is always the book....)

  5. Can I have a signed copy please? ;)

    So looking forward to meeting you again and laughing at this silly, silly, misogynistic world of ours. Pxx

  6. Signed (free) copies for all my lovely blogger friends.

    Provided they are prepared to chant a ritual ("PFE/not for me/it's a farse/so up your...") round the camp fire wearing war paint and high heels with a glass of bubbly in each hand.

  7. Yes, I'd like a book please. Hope you kept a copy of those deleted posts (I'm absolutely sure you did!)

  8. Not that this constitutes legal advice, but if you preface every other sentence with "in my opinion" rather than it looking like a fact, you might be covered even more.
    What a pain in the arse though!

  9. Flipping heck, how incredibly pathetic of them. if my children behaved like this they'd be sent to their bed!

    Looking forward to the book x

  10. You like to poke them in the eye a little. Which makes me chuckle. They can consider themselves poked again.

  11. Lorna - my lips are sealed

    Expat Mum - in my opinion you are absolutely right!

    Sara Louise - yes, he has been invoked on occasion too.

    Heather - yes, well, you can see why I say what I do under my profile (supposed gron ups, etc etc)

    Mwa - you remember, don't you? Just a little poke, just a teensy weensy little one.


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