Monday, 28 June 2010

Emotionally charged - The Gallery (week 17)

The combined theme for this week's gallery is a Tara-Josie special.

Personally I think it makes for a great cocktail name ("I'll have a gin and tonic and the lady will have your Ta-Jo house special please"), or even an exotic holiday destination ("We went to Disneyland Florida for our trip this year!" "Really? Well, we went to Ta-Jo Fantasy Island. It was, like, you know, amaaaaazing!").

Anyway. The theme is emotions. And the mandate is (I quote) "to challenge conventions and get you to flex your photographic and writing muscles."

Right. Just as well no-one reads my creative writing blog then. I am at a slight impasse there - too much to do, too little time and all that malarky - although plans are afoot for the next installment. Never mind.

So. What to show and what to write? I have decided to be totally self-indulgent here (quiet in the back rows now). Here goes.

The once was a girl with a Honda
Whose love of big bikes just got fonda (bear with me) 
She got all decked out
In leather-clad clout
'Til babies cast fast rides asunder*

And if you are wondering about the hair-and-glasses-doctoring effect, it was just to reassure the general public that this is a true photo of LCM. If you don't believe me, have a look here.

* And I would like to dedicate this verse to Dulwich Mum who 'fainted' when I first tweeted her this fact.

Yadda yadda yadda...