Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Award nomination. Apparently I am funny. No, really, I am.

So I get this email last week 'out of the blue', as you do (and you do, we all know that).

No, it's not the weirdo Chinese sex blog pest who likes to spam me with unintelligible comments (most recent "I can give you hand if not knowing where to go to..." - DELETE).

It was from the tribe at gurgle who stated (I quote), "We love your blog... You always have us giggling, and we want to join your book club!"

They want to join Kevin? Seriously? I mean, I know we have pretty low standards (ie reading the books is not a pre-requisite for coming along to our meetings, but you must be able to talk ten-to-the-dozen about any chosen subject), but surely they are not that desperate?

Anyway, I read on.

"Congratulations! You have been nominated for a gurgle blog award in the best funny mummy blog category.
Our judging panel includes Dinky Winky, La La (names have been changed to protect the innocent - Ed.), and celebrity gurgle blogger Mylene Klass."

Right. So despite my routine slagging off of anything to do with 'slebs, they appear to be immune to my sarcasm.

Never mind.

So I bask in the afterglow a little (Wow, fancy that! Little me getting a nomination! Must prepare an acceptance speech... what will I wear... who do I thank... do I get a statue to take home and is it child-proof...) until it dawns on me that there are other nominees.

And they are bloody good.

Bugger. Well, there goes my chance at fame and fortune. Award winners will be announced on July 3rd - same day as CyberMummy, handy coincidence, that.

But, as they say, "You gotta be in it to win it."

Now, where's my Chinese spammer gone? Might direct him to Pippa's, Hazel's and Emily's.


  1. Gosh! Well done! I think your blog is very funny, but then I have a very droll sense of humour! You'll need your wonder woman triathlete gear to get from the gurgles to the cybermummies come Jul 3 won't you?

  2. Congratulations and bloody well deserved! :)

  3. Bit naughty of them to organise their event on the same day as CyberMummy.

  4. Congratulations! Extremely well deserved.

  5. Wow you should be very proud. Your blog was the first I followed and I consistently like and laugh at your posts. -HMx

  6. Thank you ladies for the kind compliments. Once I have conveniently 'disposed' of the opposition I will be in a position to rightfully claim the winning trophy.

    Sorry, someone at the door.

    Who? Oh. Right. Have to nip down to the police station for some questioning of sorts. I may be a while.

  7. Congrats. You deserve it. You always make me laugh.

  8. Iota - thank you. Love it when you come and visit, means a lot.

    Chinese spammer - you really don't get it, do you? What part of 'bog off' do you not understand? Am going to leave your comment here for once so everyone else can see what a twat you are.
    Honestly, some people *rolls eyes*

  9. Aww, poor Chinese spammer - he/she just wants to be your special sex pest friend. It's quite sweet, really.

  10. Well done you on your award, greatly deserved. Where do you find who's been nominated for these much talked/baulked about awards, says nowt on their website?

    Oh and I like your Chinese spammer, keep him as a little pet, go on, pleeeease....

  11. MLM - okay, just for you, will let them stay. But if they pee on the carpet they are OUT.

    VBinC - gracias dearest. No idea, like I said, email came out of the blue. Didn't even know I had a 'sleb stalker.

  12. Hilarious that your Chinese spammer should post a comment. You must admit he/she has excellent comic timing...

    Well done gurgling. Won't be at Cybermummy but can't wait to hear all about the day!!

  13. You are so lucky with the Chinese Spammer. All I get is, 'man knows his knowledge but woman eats shoe'. WOT??? kind of thing.
    But HEY! how about that with nomination. Win the bugger for god's sake... then we can PARTY!! xxx

  14. I'd just like to know if the Chinese sex spammer can come to Cybermummy. I think he might liven it up a bit! I don't get spammed. Not even sex spam. I just get pervs looking for my blog under 'Older woman gets slutty' sob.

  15. Very well done that lady! i read this this morning but my slow internet connection wouldn't let me comment. Love the robot anyone name :)

  16. Hey I just stumbled upon your blog.. I really like it.. well done on the blog nomination x

  17. Trish - yeah, I paid them for that. At least it worked this time.

    LWM - bugger the award. Party anyway when we finally meet!

    Vix - you are obviously far too s e r i o u s! This guy needs extra victims so I will point him your way.
    Oi, Chinese cyber-spammer! Head over and bug the hell out of Vix, okay? And that's an order. Chop, chop.

    Heather - we are practicing the moves before the event so we can girate in synch a la Jacko. Will video just for you, promise.

    Angel - welcome to the nutty farm. Don't take anything I write too seriously or you will also become fodder for my PFE (paranoid former employer).

  18. I hate to admit it, but until we were nominated together I hadn't read your blog... or at least if I had I had blocked it from my mind. Probably too much sarcasm for me to handle.

    I have made up for it now though, reading through back posts like nobodys business.

    Anyway I wanted to say Congratulations to you and you can keep your Chinese Spammer... I have already decided to take out the competition by getting them all consumed into a big fight so they won't notice when me you and Hot Cross Mum get all the glory.

    Oh and 谢谢您的时间,但你可以走了。to your Chinese Spammer.

  19. Mummy - congrats to you too. The sarcasm is catching, so watch out.

    Have better idea re the competition: we send out invites to the opposition for a chocaholics convention somewhere in the Outer Hebrides with free travel thrown in, and then put up 'missing' posters to show how concerned we are whilst picking up the trophies.
    Except this will only work provided we do not succomb to the chokkie temptation as well.
    Dang! Knew this plan had a fatal flaw.


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