Wednesday, 5 May 2010

What the future holds (The Gallery - week 10)

A break from training to focus on Tara's Gallery - week 10 already.
The theme this time round is to 'paint a picture of the world we live in'.

Now, this one appeals to my sarcastic streak. Funny that, I can already hear some of you saying. 

I could post endless photos about the overweight young people I see around me who seem oblivious to a) the threat to their own health and b) the ever-increasing burden on the NHS.
I could post a photo of the chaotic commuter scenes I am faced with (nearly) every working day.
I could post photos of the Big Issue sellers that adorn London street corners, and contrast these with ones of the young children selling Globo biscuits in the middle of the motorway in Rio whilst the traffic is moving at speed.
I could also - at a stretch - post one of the volcanic haze we flew through recently upon our descent into Heathrow, vaguely reminiscent of the smog-imbued days of old.

Or I could post any photo of the cherubs as I look back at how much they have grown and wonder what the future holds for them.

Which brought me to this as my contribution for the theme:

Because despite everything, you never quite know what's around the corner.

(This photo is of Blossom and her uncle in Richmond Park taken three and a half years ago btw - and so much has happened since then)


  1. Lovely photo. I really love Richmond Park.

  2. Oh sweet, I love it. Love Richmond Park too - happy memories of marathon training (maybe not happy memories, maybe just memories!). x

  3. I'm setting you a challenge, please stop at the Frog Blog later to take a look (still typing)
    ps. Glazed a fantastic pot yesterday!

  4. Richmond Park is such a wonderful place. Although now that I am (almost) in possession of my new triathlon bike I may see it from a different perspective and change my opinion as I whizz around on the roads and do my best not to fall off. Drivers beware of one wobbly woman on new bicycle!

    Frog - love a challenge. Red rag to a bull!

  5. Love the picture - I keep thinking I should join in on this as it might make me think about taking more pictures (I'm very bad at and remembering that I should do so....)

    Thanks so much for stopping by the other day and for telling me about Heather's tweet - I had no idea!

  6. Hi there - just saw you as it were on Potty's blog - I'm hard me ( not ). What a fabulous photo. I take the world's most appalling photos, bravo !

    My husband had to have some routine tests done recently at hospital I went with him and nearly had a coronary - I was so shocked by the amount of people fagging it outside whilst wired up to a drip and there were a few too many roly polys tootling around in wheelchairs - too tubby to walk.

    My parents were born in 1929 - they always said that although the 50's were austere everyone was happy as they were no longer at war and treacle and powdered eggs were seen a serious treat. No one was fat. What's gone wrong ?
    Love your blog.xx

  7. Gigi - so glad you have stopped by!

    BW - related (true) story re hospital: fellow turns up for MRI scan in motorised chair, gets off, walks in to have his screening. Reason for scan? Cardiac problems due to being excessively overweight. I could have told them that without the need for wasting NHS money.
    Oh, and he ate a healthy pack of crisps and bar of chocolate whilst waiting.

    What's gone wrong is that *some* people are too f*cking lazy for their own good and it is easier to blame it all on something/someone else.

    Deserted island with a bottle of water says me.
    Sorry, zero sympathy here.

  8. I think you should have photographed the girl in your office with the ample bosom you've just mentioned over at 'Dulwich Mum' - plenty of secret places there I should imagine.
    You make me laugh...will follow, ta very much x

  9. Trish - welcome welcome! Am desperately willing the woman to stand up and walk past me before I leave the office but she is not cooperating and staring resolutely at her pc.
    Promise to post photo when I eventually get one.


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