Saturday, 29 May 2010

So how's the triathlon training going? Part three

Two weeks to go. I am now asked this question on a daily hourly basis.
Since the last update, I can report the following:
  • I have gone swimming twice and not been rescued/yelled at/asked to leave the pool
  • I have done 'the bridges' run a couple of times a week (I think, my mind is also playing games with me so I could well be imagining this)
  • I have managed to complete two full laps of Richmond Park on two separate occasions (next outing will be tomorrow, weather permitting) but I am yet to master, let alone try, my new cleat-on cycle shoes... although OH has just changed the pedals so effectively I have no choice now
Which leads to another high point: my former rowing crew girlfriend has also enrolled in the triathlon. She has the advantage of having done this event already last year, and hence has set a precedent in terms of time and effort expected for each 'leg'.

Cue text exchange yesterday.

LCM - Did I see right? You have entered Henley triathlon? If so hooray!

FRCG - Oh yes, doing my best to fit the training in. You? Have new bike! How is wrist?

LCM - Trying to fit training in like you, wrist better. Also have new bike but my training partner BB whips my arse as she is so fit. Makes me weep! Was two mins faster than me this morning when we did double lap of Richmond Park. And that was after she came back for me. Twice.

FRCG - no answer, but is probably now saying "Oh f*ck" knowing her.

At this point I think it fair to say that makes two of us wondering whether we will beat her overall time last year of around 1hr 33mins.

Personally I am just hoping to finish in one piece. After all it's for a good cause and I am not in the least competitive (cough cough).

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  1. Ooops I'd be one of those irritating people ... am utterly in awe of you doing it (and vaguely tempted to try one day, perhaps when I can run for more than 5 minutes at a time!)


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