Sunday, 16 May 2010

So how's the triathlon training going? Part two

Once more this question came up yesterday, whilst the LCM tribe were guests at Innocent HQ quaffing smoothies and loading up on fabulous - and healthy - freebies. Thank you all btw, we had a fabulous time - including meeting Hannah, Paula and Josie - and are (and have been for a number of years now) great fans.

So I thought, as you do, that an update on my state of training was in order, especially as it is four weeks today to the actual event. And bearing in mind that training should 'ease up' in the week leading to the triathlon itself, that means I have three weeks to get ready.

Okaaaaaaay, no problem.

Let's see where I am.

Swimming. Does walking fast in the rain with no umbrella count? No, I thought not. Fine, so that's about a +1 then, as in one half decent swim to date in a proper pool, cut short after fifteen minutes because the school kids were arriving en masse and I was asked to "get out please madam". Not sure who was more put off, me or the pool attendant.

Cycling. Having taken delivery of a gorgeous new bright red Specialized road bike last weekend, I have now had two outings to Richmond Park and completed a full lap each time. Without falling off. Or stopping. And today I even overtook someone! Okay, he had stopped on the hill and was pushing his bike, so maybe that does not count, but most importantly it was fun and I love it.
Not so much the boys racers in their cars who still seem to think doing 40mph at 7.45am is acceptable on the park roads (note the speed limit is 20mph) and overtaking a bit too close for comfort is not their a problem. Will need to take this up with my new best friend Zac.

Which brings us to running. I'll be honest here, this is probably the least of my worries as I have been running regularly for years now, and with easy access to a perfect training lap on my doorstep (aka 'the bridges').
However, the realisation that I will have to do this after completing 25km on a bike when my legs will feel like jelly is just starting to dawn on me. I am wondering if they would let me opt for 'green' alternatives, you know, like an electric golf buggy, or (even better) a sedgeway.

Somehow I think not.

So back to the hard slog I guess. I will just have to rely on my training partner BB's incredible stamina, and your own messages of support. And my alarm clock of course.

And on that note, here's the link again if you would like to help out!


  1. You do know you are completely mad, right? *Shakes head in disbelief*

    Good luck with the rest of the training! x

  2. 'walking fast in the rain with no umbrella' - well, it might not be swimming, but it certainly scores top marks for creative thinking.

  3. I can't believe you were called 'madam' in the swimming pool. Did you have a big flowery swimming cap on your head?!

  4. Julie - increasing age and madness go hand-in-hand. At this rate I will be competing in the Olympics by the time I am 70. Or doing my best to make the bowling team.

    Iota - not sure they will appreciate my creativity on race day. Can already envision shouts to the tune of "Get out of the bloody way!" at some stage during proceedings.

    Lorna - no floral swimming cap (although that's a nifty idea to distract the competition on race day), but obviously the one I was wearing did little to hide or disguise the wrinkles. At least he did not offer to get the lifting equipment to help me out of the pool.

  5. They must appreciate your creativity. It will entertain the crowds. ONe of my friends did the London triathalon a couple of years back on a sit up and beg bike. She got some funny looks. But she is also a ninja fit athlete and over took quite a lot of people which shut everyone else up. Can't wait to hear the tales of the actual event itself!

  6. Good luck in training for the triathlon! I could never do one of them! Mainly because I cant stand swimming!

  7. You are nuts - utterly nuts!

    I've just started running and the thought of having to run for three minutes together this afternoon scares me ... let alone run that far and then do all the other bits and pieces

    Nuts I say

  8. May I join Julie in accusing you of madness? Why, oh why? I am sure there must be some way to raise money for charity through yoga.


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