Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Self-portrait - oh yes, this is me

She said this would be tough, and she was right.

Week 12 of the Gallery and the theme is 'self-portrait'.

I have little to add except that the chosen photo was Other Half's suggestion.
And no, I am not the gorgeous child on the left - that is a ten-month-old Mr Man.

Other Half's words were something to the effect of it being a good resemblance.
I hate to think what he says about me behind my back.

p.s. late addendum: the gorgeous boxer - who looks decidedly fierce in the photo and was anything but - was called Honey and she very sadly died suddenly four years ago this week, aged only eight. Missed but never forgotten, like the best things in our lives!


  1. Wow you're a good looking girl but I'd lose that necklace - too chunky and definitely not your colour....

  2. Other half sounds very naughty. I hope you had words ;)

  3. Smacked legs on their way to your house! Cheek of the man! good fun though! Thanks for sharing. Maybe you could one up for him next time!

  4. Muummmmeeeee.... - Yes, necklace a tad chunky, have traded it in for a bling version now.

    Rosiescribble - OH is v naughty. He is now on rations. And in the dog house.

    jfb57 - Am working on a suitably doctored one (and not at all flattering) for next occasion.

  5. Could be worse, he could have said this was a flattering one of you...!!;-)

  6. It's the pout/scowl I like... scary but cute. We'll recognise you at Cybermummy anyway!

  7. Nathalie - hmmm, yes, well, he did say other things but I will refrain from repeating them.

    nomorexcuses - I will be the one on a lead, dribbling over the food and drink.

  8. Your other half sounds remarkably like mine...

    ps - aren't boxers just the greatest dogs!

  9. Well your dog is GORGEOUS, so there (love boxer dogs!)

    And you, missy, well you are too. Lovely to meet you on Saturday. Accidentally trip up your hubby on my behalf ;)

  10. I'm a big fan of the dog, obviously, and I guess if dog's look like their owners... then I'm a fan of you too! :-) OH needs a smacked bum.

  11. PWN - yes, I suggest we pair them off soon, am sure they will make a lovely couple

    Porridgebrain - foot extended and waiting for OH, and lovely to meet you too!

    Vix - will pass on message to OH, am sure he will be delighted receive punishment from your delicate hands ;-)

  12. I LOVE your Dog and his wonky smile. Dogs rule. Oh, yes- the boy is very cute too :0) I have a real thing for Dogs though............

  13. Do people just laugh when they see that dog? How sweet.

  14. What a meanie! Smack him for me x

  15. I love how he's posed. So serious!

  16. Oooh, you cheat, you! LOL You know we're all going to see what you look like at Cybermummy, don't you? Yay.

  17. Nudieprincess - 'she', it's a 'she'! But yes, a fabulous wonky smile nonetheless :-)

    Expat mum - typically terror because she looks so fierce, then horror as she bounds over and covers them in slobbery kisses

    Heather - not really, just occasionally, but will give him a playful punch at some stage on your behalf x

    Sara Louise - years of practise

    JulieB - yes, well, did not want to get your hopes up...


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