Wednesday, 12 May 2010

How men see themselves - the truth in a photo (aka The Gallery week 11)

So this week's theme is men. Interesting. Tara's prompt says to post pictures "... of the men in your life - dads, sons, uncles, teachers, partners, brothers. Let's hear it for the men!"

Which got me thinking. How do they see themselves? Cue a sift through the LCM archives.

Am digging out an oldie here. In fact, I really had to rack my brain about the date. It is a photo from 1994. That's sixteen years to you and me. Zac bloody Goldsmith was still wet behind the ears then. Sorry, digression, more on that here.
As always, I seem to take a totally different tack to most of the other brilliant contributors (and if you have not seen or visited their sites then do so now, some truly fabulous stuff out there).

Here you go, suitably doctored as always to preserve anonimity (not quite sure why I am bothering since the J-Lo film screening event where I was video'd in all my forgot-to-check-in-a-mirror glory).

Rowing club ball, 1994 - yes, I already metioned that.
Character is the middle impersonating James Bond with dark glasses and a water pistol is the strapping younger brother of one of my best friends.
Glamour puss Bond girl wannabes (and rowing crew members*) are the aforementioned best friend, another good friend (gloriously blonde) and LCM.
Think the brother believed he was 'living the dream', of sorts.

Oh, and that is Other Half biting my bottom. And yes, we were already married.

* If you have come across female rowers, you will probably know that 'glamour' and 'boat' do not usually sit well in the same phrase. Far less during an outing or a training session, let alone a race. But I have known a member of the women's first eight to ask "does anyone have a nail file?" from somewhere up in the bows. On the starting line. That was her last race.


  1. Oh yes, I remember the glamour of rowing...

  2. Bottom biting? LCM I'm shocked!
    I swear if you hadn't said what year it was I could have SO guessed!

  3. I was too big to be a cox and too lazy to get up early to be a cox or a rower- which is a shame as rowers are incredibly fit and lean.

    I like Zac though obviously he's not perfect and the Goldsmiths do seem to have real issues with monogamy (his wife is beautiful and seems like a wonderful wife and mother)- it's not his falt he's rich, at least he tries to do something, he could just sit about on yauchts all day. I think he would tell you he gets the train to Devon- am not sure this is verified but am sure I read it. I do have a bit of a problem with second homes generally but I guess if they are making jobs and preserving farming land and ways of life/ skills down there they are contributing something.

  4. MAM - yes, very glamorous. So much so that when you did get tarted up for the annual club ball, no-one recognises you in your glad rags.

    Tara - am pleased to report OH has tamed his ways with age.

    Rose - not all rowers are fit and lean, although they should be! Have seen some right tubby-lard-arses on the water in my time and then some. We had bets at one stage about a friend and how long before he would sink his scull....

    Re Zac: the article is tongue-in-cheek as I am sure you have gathered, however my bone of contention is really that someone so privileged really has nothing in common with my own values, and I fail to see how Richmond borough will benefit from having elected him as local MP. Aside from the ladies-who-lunch having a poster boy serial womaniser (his wife is now is ex-wife, as per day after the elections) to gossip about.

  5. great to find you, too, thanks for visiting - although seems very familiar to shoot from comment to "roooooaoww" moment, you clawing at a chap's chest and having your bum bit. Feel suddenly underdressed and well-behaved.


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