Saturday, 22 May 2010

Foot(wear) fetish

Now this is a more unusual tag. The very lovely Metropolitan Mum has asked that I show her my " shoes and pass on the love." Had we actually managed to connect at a recent film screening she would have seen the lower half of my outfit and deduced then and there that I was probably not worthy of this tag in the first place. But there you go, the price of anonymity.

My first question to her was whether clip-on cycling shoes qualified, in light of my triathlon training. Yes, she said, of course. Provided they had sequins and kitten heels. No, she didn't say that last piece, I just made it up. But judging by my selection, you can see that I am not a 'girly-girl', unlike Blossom (no idea where she gets it from actually).

Anyway, here we go.

1) Let's start with the serious business of being a full-time working mum. Currently these are my favourite, very pretty LK Bennetts. (N.B. Notes from Lapland, this is for you vis-a-vis a recent twitter exchange):

2) Now these are something else altogether and about 15 years old. I did once wear these to a work conference. And let slip that in my days as captain of the university rowing club I was nicknamed 'Captain MacJackboots' - something to do with being very bossy - and henceforth was hailed by my peers as 'Captain My Captain' after that line in the Dead Poets' Society film. You live and learn.

3) Of course, I do occasionally get tempted by something special. These were purchased for my brother's wedding and worn with a rather formal dark trouser suit. I love them because they add that little bit of 'wow' factor to any outfit. Word of caution: the heels are vertiginous, for me at least.

4) But on any given day this is what goes on my feet - to and from work (gave up trashing shoes and toes a long time ago, that's what 20 years in the City teaches you), and of course when clocking up the miles whilst running.

5) And of course, I now have these to add to my sporty collection (still to learn how to use them though without falling off and breaking another wrist). They are clip-on bike shoes, just in case you were confused. Supposedly work similar to ski boots with bindings.... we shall see about that.

6) Of course no trip to Brazil is complete without an authentic pair of Havaianas either

7) But ultimately, when all is done and dusted, this is what you are most likely to find on my (not so dainty) feet whilst at home.

And yes, they are authentic sheepskin from Australia, but no they are NOT Ugg boots.

Whose turn is it next? Now if my brother had a blog, I would tag him as he is the bloke with the largest collection of shoes I think I know of. But he doesn't so I won't.

Instead I will pass on the love to Bloomin' Marvellous who must know the address of every Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo shop this side of Eden. (Am also sure she is pretty tired of me tagging her every which way but Sunday too.)

Why? Because I am curious.


  1. Ah yes - love Havaianas, definitely the best ever flip-flops, just so comfy. Fabulous selection.

  2. Love the red ones but what are no. 6?

  3. Oooo, exciting. Bit concerned about my total lack of appropriate shoes to post. Too many years of moving around means all not sensible but very fun pre children shoes have bitten the dust. but I'm going to dig around in my wardrobe and see what I can find...

    PS - I did a whole poem take off of that Walt Whitman poem for the Captain of my Boat Club. Really starting to think we may already know each other...

  4. JulieB - why thank you my dear. Should have tagged you as well in hindsight, so take up the challenge if you fancy!

    Muummmeeee - no.6 are authentic Brazilian flip flops, think you mean no.5 which are clip-on bike shoes (have amended this in the post as in my haste I omitted this clarification, plus ca change!)

    PWN - but we DO already know each other. Sort of. Virtually anyway!

  5. OMG I love the slippers...want some NOW. Oh, and the LK Bennett shoes. Yummy. So So So glad was not chosen for this tag... my shoe selection is absolutely ATROCIOUS. XXX

  6. I live in Havaianas - absolutely love them. The bike shoes look like something from Star Wars! Amazing!

  7. Those flip flops look uh-mazing! :) LOVE

  8. Liking the current LKBs and your woollie slippers - I have no idea how you cleat on a bike ... magic art which I'm hoping you've managed to muster (everyone falls off first time, right?)

  9. LWM - Slippers are gift from heaven (ie mother) for tired feet

    Lorna, Annah - I am a convert too now re Havaianas, had never worn them before trip to Brazil.
    As for the bike shoes, still brand new as have not had courage to use cleats on new bike yet - phobia of falling off and breaking wrist again!

    MAM - LKBs are very pretty. Best worn when standing still so as not to topple over or resemble cow on stilts.

  10. Ugh! I thought I had commented on this post last week - sorry!!
    My only excuse, I was in Dublin and drunk.
    Thanks for the tag :-)


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