Friday, 30 April 2010

Time to cut to the chase and get down to the hard slog

Okay - enough is enough now. No more procrastination, no more dilly-dallying, and certainly no more faffing around (currently favourite pastime of Widget who has now been rewarded by Other Half with the new appropriate nickname of 'Speedi-not').

The Henley triathlon which I enrolled to compete in last year is only - gulp - some 43 odd days away. Since the mishap in mid February I have barely managed one swim a week (in abbreviated 12.5m pool... makes a good case for limited number laps due to inevitable dizziness after ten minutes in the water), one run a week (5km on my own, up to 12km if my slave-driving training partner BB is with me, just as well she is enrolled in the triathlon as well), and a couple of pathetic attempts to ride my old bike to/from the kids' school to drop off/pick up. That'll be a total of some 400m worth of cycling then. Although I defy anyone to try riding a bike with an inflexible right wrist, especially when balancing your body weight on the handlebars so you can hoist your dainty rear into the saddle is one of the lesser challenges.
Partner that with the usual gazillion bags and lunch boxes that have to be carted to and fro, and this type of training may have been more effective that I give it credit for.

Although last time I looked you do not have to wear this kind of additional apparatus in order to compete in a triathlon. So maybe I am just kidding myself.

Additionally since the Easter holiday saga, I have managed even less, so am basically right back to point zero so to speak. I hardly think one run in 85% humidity (at 6.30 am btw)  and a frolic in the waves with the kids counts as training. Although the term 'endurance' is still applicable.

Anyway - to get to the point. See the fancy link on the right hand side of the page? You know, the one called 'Just Giving'? Where you can sponsor me and write rude encouraging messages of support? Yep, that's the one you need to click on if you believe this is a worthy cause and would like to see me struggle over the finish line
complete the triathlon in one piece.

In return I promise to:

  • post a photo of before and after so you can all have a jolly good laugh at my expense;
  • write a humourous post to accompany it, and;
  • not take it out on my training partner if she beats me
Com'on fellow bloggers, readers, family members and assorted pets! Make this really worth my while - if you read the blurb behind the link, you will see why I am doing this.

Thanks in advance. Here's to generosity and an extremely worthy cause!

(And here's the link again, just in case you have a malfunctioning pc!)


  1. Oh go on then, you twisted my arm

  2. Oh no! Sorry - techno (garbage) speak. I meant 'link' and have now corrected in the post above, plus included it in the text for easy access.

    And here it is again

    Thank you! xx

  3. You are completely mad ;-)
    I don't get this kind of self-imposed torture, but I wish you the best of luck. xx MM


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