Tuesday, 27 April 2010

For the love of gardening

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One thing about having been away for three weeks is that upon our return Spring has well and truly sprung.
Of course that means that the trees are in full blossom, the bulbs are blooming and err, the grass is almost knee-high. So much so that our neighbours were about to cut it themselves as they thought we would not reappear in the UK until May 6th and such oversights were lowering the tone of the street.

Now our row of terrace houses is typical in that everyone can see - to a certain degree - everybody else's back garden. There are a variety of styles (modern, classic and pastiche, also known as confused) and tastes (English, Mediterranean and Pastiche, still known as confused although also called 'naf'). 

What is most entertaining though is the underlying gardening competition going on. This is what I call the 'turf wars' and Other Half is a committed fanatic. Never mind that the shrubs need pruning, the slugs are already attacking the lily and the aphids are appearing on the roses. 

No, of far greater importance is that our lawn - all 3 square metres of it - is greener, more lush and in better condition than anyone else's. Cue intense grooming, cutting, feeding, watering, nurturing, raking, and inspection along with advice-seeking, internet searching, reading and exchanging of opinions. All so that OH can proudly say "Ours looks much better than the neighbour's." Truly worthy of a guest slot at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Now. How to transfer these skills to his wardrobe?


  1. I would so like a small square of lawn to concentrate efforts upon! Unfortunately, have quite a large lawn. No actual grass as such. Just moss. Still, it's all green :-)

    Ali X

  2. I wish I had a lawn of my own!

    However on the plus side, someone else cuts the patch of grass outside my flat every few weeks and he is shirtless and about 21.

    Maybe I'm onto a winner......

  3. If he comes up with any tips on how to preserve a lush green lawn in a desert climate, do let me know!


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