Thursday, 11 March 2010

Timely tribute to Mothers - gratitude tag

Another tag! Actually one that is most appropriate in light of Mother's Day on Sunday, and also as it originated with my lovely friend and former rowing crew partner at Bloomin Marvellous, with the initiative being picked up and passed on by Fraught Mummy.

My mother. Where to start? Basics first I guess.

She and I share the same birth date. This is probably appropriate as her youngest brother (she is the eldest of 4 children) 'failed' to arrive on her birthday all those years ago - he was a day early - and hence I was compensation for this timely error missed present.

The fact that we share a birthday means a number of things:
1. we are very alike in character (two Aries at loggerheads? If you believe in astrological characteristics you can picture the sparks), a fact not lost on my father who figures he got 'two for the price of one';
2. there is frequently a dilemma as to how/why/where we will be to celebrate important milestones (30, 40, 50, etc) and accompanying subtle recriminations if this is not achieved (I could write a book about this);
3. we think nothing of dropping everything and 'seizing the day' if the occasion merits it, and even if it doesn't.

Re the last point, let me give an example: for my mother's 60th I decided to fly out and pay her a surprise visit and join in the celebrations. I even convinced my brother to join me. The trip was for 4 days, including travel time.

To Australia.

It was what you would call a lightening visit. Fortunately my boss at the time was understanding and well versed in my impulsive ways.

When we rocked up at their house at 6am that morning, I suddenly had a thought that we should get the paramedics on standby, just in case the shock of seeing not one but both of us unannounced proved too much.
I needn't have worried. It was ear-to-ear smiles and then everything was about my mother fussing over us rather than vice-versa. The party almost faded into the background - the most important thing was for her to spend time with her children, savouring every minute of that short and very rushed break.

My mother has never said 'no'. Aside from that one time when I asked her to not tell my father that I had scraped the side off the car so I could attempt to have it fixed before they came home from holiday. She did tell him, but only after she had finished her shopping spree (priorities, see?).

My mother is full of life, a much loved and very loving individual. She gives without taking, does not bear grudges and is always there in times of need. She is always game for a laugh, is a fabulous cook, and when younger had the most beautiful auburn coloured hair I have ever known.

She dotes on her grandchildren and is generous to her friends. She drives my father up the wall but - by his own admission - his life would be exceedingly staid without her in it.

A fitting summary to this post would be the text message I got from her yesterday:
"After 26 years I am skiing again, not bad either!" (shortly backed up by one by my father who stated she had taken to it like a duck to water whilst he opted to walk to the top of the mountain and back).

To which I responded (sensibly):
"Just be careful, no jumps!"

Her reply?
"Of course. Jumps tomorrow."

Mum - I think you are one in a million and I love you.

And while I think of it - here's a piece of clip art to go with the tag.

Mother Duck.

And my nominees for posting about motherly gratitude are:
Ladybird World Mother
Gooner Jamie
and Kate

Over to you!


  1. Thanks for the comment and tag. Look how industrious I am, I've already done it
    Ignore the dates, blogger seems to think I am in 2009, honest.

  2. Too quick! You must be wearing high heels ;-)

  3. I liked your piece. When do you think our lot will be able to write such nice pieces about us?!! x

  4. Oh, that was so lovely... was thinking about doing a post about my mother just yesterday!! Serendipity and all that. Gosh, thats a long word. Right... must get on. Goonerjamie is showing us all up! xx

  5. Lovely piece and thanks for the tag. My mother is visiting us at the moment, so will have to get writing! Have tagged you in on a photo meme at mine. My first, so hope I got it right!!

  6. Australia for the weekend - I thought Dubai was bad enough

    She sounds like a very special mum

  7. She sounds simply marvellous! Love the skiing SMS.

    MD xx

  8. I just bounced over here from Brit in Bosnia, and am very glad I did. And 'jumps tomorrow'? I bet she was hurtling down a slalom course when she texted that, and just didn't want to worry you!

  9. HM - Blossom wrote in her Mother's day card "You ar byotfol"... so guess we are on the right track?

    LWM - looking forward to reading your post!

    Kate - you are ON! Cannot wait to delve into photo archive and see what I turn up.

    MUM - yes, in hindsight I must have been on some power drug of sorts. Bonkers when I think of it now. But she is worth it (who needs l'Oreal?!?)

    MD - am just waiting for the photos now as firm evidence. Will probably get one on a black run skiing backwards knowing her...

    Angels - thank you for stopping by! Always lovely to make new (virtual) friends

  10. I think Blogger is swallowing my comments as I'm sure I left a comment here earlier.. but what a fab Mum you have. I think your Mum and mine would get on like a house on fire. x

  11. FM - must be due to chocolate withdrawals symptoms, have not fed Blogger any for a while...
    Suggest we get our mums together when mine is next over and you are back in Blighty - could make for some very amusing posts!


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