Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Time to make my mark in The Gallery: Spring glory

Ok, I have capitulated and picked up the baton to join in Tara's wonderful weekly talent show of sorts.

Here's my contribution:

This was taken last year on the first May bank holiday in Kew Gardens. It was - from memory - the first decent long weekend in ages, in that it did not a) rain, b) blow a gale, or c) entail any trips in the car. 

The colours of the tulips contrasted with the pansies were just so intense. You didn't quite know whether to lie down from giddiness or comment about how clashing shades don't exactly make a bigger statement. We didn't though. Some types of ticking off you want to avoid in order to be eligible to return.

And yes, I know the top of the foreground is chopped off, but what would you expect from a (then) 4 year old photographer, my daughter? 

Pretty impressive, I think. I can also add that she has improved since.


  1. On the plus side, she WAS the right height to get the correct sense of perspective...

  2. I remember that weekend - it was just before we left the UK....

    I think your daughter did brilliantly - I'm not sure I would trust my 4 year old even to hold the camera without dropping and smashing it!

  3. That's an excellent photo - by anyone, good composition. Buy her a vtech one, they bounce! x

  4. That's so funny, you can tell it's taken by a wee photographer from the angle! Very clever girl!

  5. Ladies - thank you for the comments, I will pass them on to Blossom and report back. Like all young girls, she has an opinion on and for everything. Whether you ask or not. Sounds like her mother in fact.

    Camera is rather expensive Nikon DX belonging to Other Half (aka Gadget Man - a whole other post there) who actually TRUSTS her with the thing. There have been plenty of photos since, so undoubtedly more will feature in due course.

  6. Well done Blossom!! Beautiful photograph of life from a lil persons visual perspective =)

  7. Hi Louise - thank you for dropping by! Blossom says to tell you that she is 'big' now, and is going to be 6 soon.... well, in another 2 months anyway.

  8. Beautiful tulips. They are my favourite flower. And your little one has quite the eye for photography already. Great composition!

    MD xx


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