Tuesday, 2 March 2010

My war wound: 'tis but a scratch

Heartening words from a (male) friend when he asked how I was faring with the broken wrist and I sent him this in reply:

Of course, I could have been far more dramatic about it - a colleague just asked whether I had a photo of the actual break itself pre-cast/re-set/bandage/operation, and I ticked him off for not thinking about it himself as he was with me when it happened, but typical male priorities meant he went to get a drink to fortify himself instead of manning a camera... whilst I took my skates off, put my shoes on AND tied my laces. 

So yes, 'tis but a scratch I guess. Albeit a very stiff and slightly immobile one at that. 
Am quite a dab hand at putting on makeup with my left hand now though.


  1. Oh, go and get a couple of felt tip markers, red and black should do the job, and make it look a bit more impressive, for some decent sympathy. A few more inches in red, and some of those zip-like stripes across it in black. And a bit of purple bruising, if you're feeling artistic.

    Sorry. That wasn't very good cyber-sympathy, was it? It would sound better if I was there, delivering it verbally, rather than you reading it on the computer screen.

  2. Iota - you had me smiling regardless, as if you were here in person! I am lousy at sympathy myself (just ask my hypochondriac sister-in-law) , so guess I am getting a taste of my own medicine.

    Now where are the children's felt markers....?

  3. See - one good thing has come out of this. You are now ambidextrous! I take it from the counter that you are still doing the triathlon?

  4. Kate - hmmmm, yes ambidextrous but what a way to learn this skill!
    And still doing the triathlon, although slightly concerned about how I am going to ride a bike without putting upper body weight on my right wrist for 25km. Pedal one-handed perhaps? Do they give bonus points for that? Think aim actually will be not to fall off and do self further injuries.

  5. I can't believe you're still doing the triathlon ! Hoping for a fast recovery

  6. I've been AWOL for a while.. to come back on the scene and find that your now a lefty!! Can't believe you'd desert us 'righty's' .. even if it's only temporary. always love reading your blogs!

  7. MAM - yes, well, the truth will out when the day actually comes round and I will see in what state I complete it.

    Nina - where have you been?? Contact me for lunch, you know the details.


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