Friday, 26 March 2010

Gallery time again - make mine a double

Typical! Just when I finally get round to locating a suitable photo for Tara's weekly photo gallery, she launches the next one.

So bear with me as I am going to do a two-in-one (and yes I know that's not the rules, but rules are made to be bent although don't tell the children I said that).

To catch up on last week's topic: me.

You can pretty much guess what is going on here but it encapsulates my life at present: surfing the waves, keeping my head above water and somehow chasing after the kids. The arms belong to another (male) friend by the way but pretty much represent how everything goes in different directions. A bit like herding cats really, as my former rowing coach used to say (about the women's squad).

Now, for this week. Much like other mummy bloggers I am reluctant to post identifiable photos of friends and family on the blog. The exception is when I can a) disguise the participants to my satisfaction, or b) be comfortable that sufficient time has passed to ensure they are not 'current' and thus recognisable. Failing that I just tamper with them.
The same is applicable to my home and surroundings which, much as I would love to share, I am just not comfortable with.

Hence my version of 'Outside my front door':

Pretty obviously not my true front door, but hey, you can but dream. (And that's Mr Man and Blossom btw, suitably disguised just in case they have any fancy ideas about marrying into the Royal family in the distant future).


  1. Love them. I knew you'd live somewhere small and central like that. With people to stand outside and make sure you are ok - pop out to go and get a pint of milk if you need it. That sort of thing! Love the surfing picture too - exactly how I feel. x

  2. Ah, so now we know your true identity.....all that stuff about working in the City was just a ruse!

  3. FM & NVG - oh no! My secret is out! Knew I should sworn the parlourmaids to secrecy...

  4. I love the surfing picture. I'm a Cornish beach (un)babe living in Hampshire with pebbly beaches. I miss the surf and sand. Good pictures - HM x

  5. That's some front door LCM, come to think of it am sure I've seen it somewhere - when it comes back to me your secret is out!

  6. HM - yes, surf and sand is ALL we would have if Other Half had his way... not that I am complaining though.

    MAM - ssshhhhhh. Bribes on offer.

  7. Haha, love your front door pic! And the surfing one is fab, too!


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