Monday, 29 March 2010

And it's a holiday at last (and about bleedin' time too)


We depart shortly to warmer shores for a two-week sojourn elsewhere.

Where, I hear you say? Oh, you know, somewhere exotic. Different. First time for LCM and the troops. Chance to explore a new country and culture. Enjoy a break away after the very looooooooong dreary winter that has enveloped us since - let me think - mid 2008?

"You must have money to burn", was one (slightly sarcastic) comment thrown my way (by my mother, told you we were alike).

"No," I replied, "I have been saving my pennies and feeding the children on stale bread and tap water for the last six months." It's amazing they still look so healthy.

Speaking of which, the children are very excited. And can you guess what about (aside from the plane trip of course and watching their own individual TVs undisturbed for hours without reprimand from their parents who will be grateful to get some shut-eye)?

Not the location.
Not the climate.
Not the food.
Not the friends who will be there as well.
Not even the beaches.

No. They are most excited about the animals that reside at the venue we are due to stay at during the second week. A dog, two rabbits, chickens, and no doubt a spare cat and some tweetie birds thrown in for good measure.

Could have opted for a prolonged trip to the zoo had I known in advance.

Instead we are going further afield.

To Brazil.


Life is too important to be taken seriously (Oscar Wilde).
Leave me a comment. I may consider the alternative (LCM).

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