Thursday, 4 February 2010

Why procrastination is the mother of all invention... or something like that

Lunchtime. Have eaten routine sandwich, fruit and drink at desk after a morning of peering at endless spreadsheets and templates and planning documents for the project I am advising on. 
Tedious stuff. Sorry, did I say that? I meant riveting, yes, absolutely f*cking riveting, tie-me-down-I-am-jumping-out-of-my-seat riveting if you know what I mean. Not.
Goodness, how many ways can you re-invent a wheel/skin a cat/flog a dead horse? Let me see....

Okay, so it's all down to 'process' and 'due diligence', and for that I cannot fault my client's system. Ultimately it is when such items come to the fore and they have not been dealt with appropriately that you get your a*se kicked. Big time. 

But - my goodness - the volume of repetitive paperwork! No wonder so many people are employed in these organisations: you need to justify the reading and writing required! It's a good thing they are firm believers (and practitioners) of recycling, otherwise I fear the deforestation of Borneo and the Amazon would be on even more shaky ground.

So, whilst I am whittling away the hours at work, trying to figure out which process takes priority over what paperwork and how to pull together a comprehensive recommendation to the board that will make sense even to the lay men/women amongst them (and yes, I do have a deadline, just in case you were wondering), my training partner, the lovely BB, is off swimming as we get cracking with our triathlon training.

Or rather, she does. 

I have got as far as buying a) new goggles, b) new swimming cap, c) new sports bra (shock absorber, as is 'I am in shock and you are absorbing it'), d) new running pants. 

What I desperately need though is a pair of padded cycling shorts, as the gym session on Tuesday evening left me, well, a bit sore

Like the title says, nothing like procrastination to get you thinking about what is stopping you from training harder.


  1. I am the master of procrastination. Even before I discovered blogging. I'm jealous of your triathalon training though, I have that in mind for a challenge at some point in the nearish future... I will be ever so slow, just want to get around.

  2. Triathlon - wow ! You do take on some tough things

    Nothing wrong with procrastination - I should be sorting out the rubbish in my bedroom but instead I'm having fun reading blogs !

  3. I think you're working for my company!!

  4. Triathlon training; in England; in winter. Now there's an excuse to procrastinate if ever I heard one! Good luck.

  5. Triathlon? I'm in awe. I have almost signed-up for the Race for Life in June, I say almost - the page was open on my browser. And I am proud of just managing 15 minutes of shuffling sorry running around the local park!

  6. Ladies - yes, all sounds good in theory, but in practice I have a throat that feels like it has had glue poured down it, hence am using this as valid excuse for opting out of my swimming this week.

    Although I did go running and cycling on the weekend in the hope (misplaced) of 'sweating' out the lurgy. Failed miserably.

  7. She continues, "Usually, it's the mother of the nursing mother that takes this role; but when a woman's mother is unavailable, she and her husband can arrange for the husband's mother to come over"


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