Thursday, 11 February 2010

So how's the triathlon training going?

In answer to all of you have been asking, let me just post this very recent picture so you can draw your own conclusions.

My training partner BB's comment summed it all up: "Bollocks!"
I think she suspects I am doing this on purpose, what with lower back strain, laryngitis, pulled shoulder blade muscle...

Will find out tomorrow if it needs to be operated on . Barton fracture, in case you want to Google it.

Moral of the story: do not go ice skating with colleagues and pretend that you are still 12 years old (which was last time I tried this sport). 

Never mind that I was chatting and going backwards at the time. Multi-tasking failure this time round methinks.


  1. Well you know my opinion on ice skating...

    (ps hope it doesn't hurt too much!)

  2. An opinion which I now share, despite actually skating quite well before the mishap (and after, would you believe, until I realised that something was not quite right).
    Am being operated on Monday: plate and pins but no more cast, just heavy bandage... will still make for interesting typing and writing for a while to come.

    Now I just have to figure out how I cook for 6 tonight....

  3. Oh, no, you poor poor thing. Whats happened now? It must hurt. And can you type??? Come on, important things first. xxxx


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