Friday, 26 February 2010

Kevin's latest appearance

The Kevinettes reconvened again this week.

It was all a bit doom and gloom regarding the last choices of books, both slightly morbid in topic and although the David Lodge one (Deaf Sentence) certainly was amusing in bouts (read the party scene alone if you want a laugh about misunderstanding and misinterpretation), it did not bode well for the Lovely Radiographer whose mother had recently passed away. A bit too close to the mark.

So we talked about other things, as you do. And other books, as we should, being a serious book club and all that. Despite the mums amongst us, I am very pleased to say we did not discuss the latest 'Where is Maisie' install, nor anything concerning dinosaurs, or even the characters in the Oxford learning books (Biff, Chip, Kipper, Wilma and Wilf, if you must... just as well the teacher is called Mrs May).

We talked about the Millenium series. You know, 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo', 'The Girl who played with Fire', and 'The Girl who kicked the Hornets' Nest'. Some of us have read the first book, a couple the second as well, and only one all three. She was gagged before she gave the story away.

General consensus? Entertaining and certainly a good read - although I still maintain the second book has far too many characters for my liking (but that is just the writer's critic in me coming to the fore).

And the film of the first book is due out next month. In Swedish. With English subtitles. So I am already envisioning watching a thriller of Bourne Supremacy-style pace whilst trying to read abbreviated translations simultaneously on screen. A bit like trying to ride a motorbike whilst high on recreational drugs I imagine.

Oh, and the choices for Kevin's next outing? Very tame and apparently touchy, funny and lighthearted (see the side panel for details). And not a death in sight.


  1. I did like the first Millenium, am reading the second and looking forward to the third, but - Bourne Supremacy speed? Do you think so? Not sure. (And I only just realised you hurt your wrist - get well soon!) PM X

  2. Better get out and get these books. Need a new one! Hows that wrist of yours? xx

  3. I couldn't get into the Dragon Tattoo one - Other Half says it's really good. I SO wanted to like it, as I was sure it was my thing - maybe I'll give it another go? x

  4. PS I don't know if I have the time to attend a book club (OH works late lots) - does anyone know of a bookclubblog? x

  5. PM - I meant the film! Matt Damon in non-stop action and my poor brain struggling to keep up with who was what was where was why....

    LWM - borrow the books, there are bound to be copies aplenty amongst your friends. Wrist getting better. Although trip to gym yesterday morning was probably a tad ambitious.

    HM - try again. My OH said same as you and now is well into it. Think you just need to find a good a hour to dedicate to it at first (this is why I catch the tube to work). Try BMB for a book club blog?

  6. I'm reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels at the moment, which is odd as I'm watching the 2nd series of True Blood at the same time (tv prog based on the books!). When I finish it, I may try again. I rarely give up with books, last one I gave up on was Life of Pi - really couldn't get on with it. Always seem to be the ones that EVERYONE else likes!

    I will have a loook at BMB thank you!


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