Friday, 5 February 2010

Ending the week on a high and loving note

Another quick post before I head downstairs to enjoy a glass of wine and some dinner.

After finishing job no.1 (office work) and busying myself with job no.2 (kiddie pick-up and after care), I am told by Blossom that she has a surprise in her book bag for me.

This is it.

Am sure you can decipher the meaning, but I told her I will keep it forever. 

Who wouldn't?


  1. Awwwwwwwwwww!!!!Now THAT is what I call gorgeous. Beyn note!!! Love it. I'm always beyn note.

  2. Do you have a 'note' chair, then?

    Great letter. It is so sweet.

  3. Oh so sweet. I love it. You must keep it forever.

  4. Am impressed with my daughter thinking I 'smal lik a ros'.
    That would obviously not be after a training session then.

  5. I love all the notes and cards my kids send with their funny misspelt messages. I keep them all in a large box in my study and re-read them when in need of cheering up - particularly at the end of a long day of them beyn note. How's the training going??

  6. That is lovely. What a wonderful thing to be able to keep. Whenever my boys write 'I love you' I keep it so I can show them later on when they're horrible teenagers!


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