Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The bionic woman and anaesthetics

Hello fellow bloggers and faithful readers. I am back, I think, albeit typing in a most peculiar fashion (left hand and occasional right middle finger input, most appropriate given the circumstances) and wearing a very fetching bandage on my right arm.


I also have a rather fashionable array of colours around my elbow:

Please note the matching sweater which is conveniently covering my huge bicep muscles.

Laughs aside, on Monday I had a titanium plate permanently inserted into my wrist as I was "very young" (surgeon's words, repeated a few times, made me want to stay there for a while) and being right-handed the type of fracture (Barton, as in Fink, only way I can remember) could lead to problems later in life.

Hang on, I thought I already had those with childcare issues and increasing piles of laundry?

Anyway, a stint in UCH has put me to rights - or lefts as it were - and I seem to be on the (painful and slightly awkward) road towards mending. The lovely BB picked me up from hospital which gave us ample opportunity to discuss our triathlon training program going forward. It's complicated, for obvious reasons, but then again I did go skiing with a broken left wrist after falling off a horse in my early twenties, so hey, what's a swim, bike ride and run amongst friends?

And yes mother, I am still going to do it. Because I know you will ask again and again.

The question however is whether the effect of the anaesthetic has impeded my better judgement as today (taking it easy, on doctor's orders) I found myself splashing out on a facial (justified, given sickly appearance), buying four classic novels, and three separate pieces of jewellery.

Oh yes, and two loads of washing, of course.


  1. You clearly have the Olympic spirit. Just like that skier in the men's downhill the other day who had a (recently) broken thumb, but did not let it deter him. Good on you for not giving up - I think I would have packed it in straight away (but then, I am not the sort to even contemplate a triathlon...).

  2. Ouch. Double ouch. My advice is buy even more jewellery. Cant beat it really. xxx

  3. NVP - I am living an illusion. Time will out the truth!

    LWM - given that OH only buys gadgets, it is either me purchasing it or nothing. Of course the gadgets are "for both of us".
    *falls off chair laughing hysterically*

  4. OW! Did you not listen to me? My opinions on ice skating? It is NEVER a good idea.

    Get better soon. x

  5. Aaaaargh, poor you!

    Chocolate. Alcohol. More chocolate.

  6. Cripes woman I can't believe you are still going to do it !

    Hoping for a rapid recovery

  7. You're still going to do it? Good for you. A fine example of that fighting British Bulldog spirit that's so sorely lacking in today's society. Hope you're not in too much discomfort. Wine's a good pain-killer (until the next morning, that is).

  8. Thank you ladies for all the support. Am counting on you now for when I need to raise funds!

    Will be back at fracture clinic tomorrow for review. In the interim I have actually taken the bandages off and had a good look myself at the war wound (4 stiches, 10cm long, v neat, healing nicely) if for no other reason that the gauze covering the incision had gone stiff and hard post op and felt like metal grazing my skin every time I slipped something on or off my arm (a difficult feat at the best of times too).

    Job done. Now just have to get back on plane to fly home with Blossom after long weekend at my parents'. She is proving to be great little nurse.

    And yes, I now beep thru security.

  9. Oh that looks very painful. Hope you feel better soon.

    Love the note to your mum, mine would be exactly the same.

  10. Ahhh, UCH. I once met the nicest anaesthetist over there. They have very nice stuff!

  11. I know it shdn't have done, but this made me laugh a lot:o) I have ALWAY Swanted to do a triathlon. I LOVE running & biking (mtn biking tho) but swimming i smy weakness, can't get the hang of front crawl, never have, well the breathing actually. A friend actually (& abloke to boot) did 1 length front crawl, 1 lnegth breast stroke a she cdn't manage teh whole thing with crawl! Gave me a glimmer of hope! I one skiied down a ountain with all my cruciate ligaments torn. Yelling all the way, but wasn't sure how else to go & get help as I was on my own..... A friend on the same holiday broke hi shtumb & had a cast put on WHILST holding a ski stick so he cd keep skiing:o)


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