Thursday, 25 February 2010

Another day, another photo

I seem to be getting into a habit here of posting photos of my injured wrist. Maybe it is unhealthy, but then again I do recall that saying of "a problem shared is a problem halved", or something like that. I could well be making things up.

Anyway, here you are:

Impressive, no? Considering just two weeks ago I was in A&E with a deformed hand being told by lovely doctors that I was 'very young', would probably need to be operated on, and being plied with high dosage painkillers. Just one short comment about the latter: they wreak havoc on your digestive system. Enough said.

Next photo I promise to show the impressive scar. Very neat, very tidy. Stitches came out on Tuesday after which I was x-rayed again ("Looks fantastic, I am very pleased," said the young surgeon, as I observed the image displaying a T-shaped titanium plate and counted some nine screws holding it in place), told to "start using your hand", before being sent to physiotherapy to be straightened out. Literally.


And given exercises to perform every two hours.


I am especially fond of the one were I have to pin my elbows by my side, hold my arms out forward and rotate the wrists 180 degrees, outwards and then inwards. The thought alone of the bone crunching sound this makes (mostly in my head) makes me feel faint. Even now. Hang on while I grab my smelling salts....

But aside from all this I can confirm it is much more comfortable, and hopefully will regain mobility fast, although I fear that any illusion of a comeback to the competitive rowing scene is now firmly relegated in the 'you must have been dreaming' compartment.

Oh yes, and I also managed a quick trip away with minor inconveniences.
Life goes on, right?


  1. Just looking at your hand makes my legs ache. Like when you see those pictures of footballers' bones sticking out, and right angle legs etc. I felt like this most of the day yesterday when looking at my son's canula. My legs ache. How did you do the typing???

  2. PS were you referring to your children as minor inconveniences?!

  3. HM - Typing with splint surprisingly easy compared to the bandage/cast/paraphernalia I had round my wrist before. Although having said that by the end of the day my arm IS rather sore and stiff and slightly swollen... so maybe am being a tad over-enthusiastic.

    And children as minor inconveniences? Moi? Never ;-) Actually Blossom was my perfect companion on the recent trip - a very attentive and sweet little nurse, catering to her mother's every whim. Gorgeous child.

  4. It is looking better in terms of less amount of bandaging. And I think that a rowing come back is indeed ambitious. Although if you are bow side you are not supposed to be twisting that wrist...


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