Thursday, 7 January 2010

What is it with bedhead?

Just a short one today as everyone seems to be distracted by the snow and ice and cold (yes, it is winter, just in case you had been otherwise entertained).

I did a quick post on my ES guest blog yesterday about this, so will not repeat again. But I will post a couple of photos, just to prove my point about this (possibly unhealthy) obsession I have with other people's hair.

I spotted this on the tube:

It was so impressive, I even managed a close-up:

Yes, I know, one day I will get arrested for taking unwarranted photos in public places, but after recent threats from Paranoid Former Employer it will be small fry in comparison... I think.


  1. OMG that's horrible! I'm hoping it was an accident in his rush to leave the house and not a misguided attempt at 'cutting edge fashion' - perhaps he's hoping to be the new Russel Brand.

  2. That's so funny. Do you think that parting is a style or just an accident? Enjoy the snow!

  3. Bleugh. I know why I loathe the tube. Lucky me who has a baby and cannot (for health and safety reasons) be forced down into the tunnels with a push chair. I need to talk to Big M and increase my taxi allowance.

  4. Not good. But I can't talk. I can't find a hairbrush and haven't brushed my hair for days. Wish I was joking. I am very yeuch about about it though.


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