Friday, 15 January 2010

Light at the end of the tunnel (once more)

Let this be a lesson to me. 

Just because something makes you laugh and you are able to turn it into a long-running gag, do not expect clemency from the injured party.

Know who I am talking about? Yup, the PFE. 

What with all the ups and downs (and comings and goings) of the past few months, having to make this blog accessible 'by invite only' due to certain people attempting to use it as a stick to beat me with (they know who they are... although that's a bit silly stating as much as they no longer can read this, never mind), plus taking up a new role that put me right in the firing line with regard to accusations from ex-colleagues (unwarranted, and very foolish, might I just add), it would seem that finally FINALLY I may just be able to have the blog revert back to the public forum very soon.

Whilst I am grateful for all the readers who have stayed on (and in some cases, joined afresh), I am painfully aware of how a) my number of followers remains more or less static (btw how did Holly get to 49 in two months? And Fraught Mummy to 102? Envy, envy, envy. Bad girl, back in your box) and b) how the visitor stats have slowed down.

Does this make me shallow? Yes, it does, you don't have to answer that.

Anyway - it would seem we have reached an agreeable compromise. I have deleted past posts and will make no mention of them or their employees or bullying tactics policies or anything else in fact that might be deemed damaging.
They have retracted the ludicrous clauses they wanted me to sign up to in order to pay me off and reverted back to the standard agreement. 

So all's well with the world and I should be able to resume 'business as normal' very soon.

And not a mention of paranoia in sight.


  1. Er, haven't got a clue. But hurry on up and become public knowledge again.

    And when you do I tag you for the songs and stories meme. Coz I can. x

  2. Hurrah! I have tagged you on a meme - see I am becoming v blog literate! x

  3. Oh,please go public again... I keep forgetting to come and see mad rush at the moment and any blogging time is a guilty secret!! Talk about bloomin followers... I have been stuck around the same number for about 4 months!!! Maddening. Then get another one, only to LOSE one. Shock and horror. xxx

  4. My lovely ladies - thanks for persevering! Final items to be sorted out with the paranoid former employer, and then it will be good riddance to them and back to the public forum.

    Now I have to sort out those memes FM and IAML have tagged me on... hmmm, how to roll them into one?


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