Sunday, 31 January 2010

Just your typical Sunday where the post is missing

Am intrigued. Blog back in the public domain and yet not updating on other bloggers' sites. Hmmmm. Not good. Makes me look like I am on prolonged holiday - which I am not - or being lazy (ditto).

Do I complain to someone? Who? Bit like when you are self-employed and the pc plays up and you think "I'll just call the IT department." And then realise that you are the IT department. Bummer.

Ideas and suggestions welcome. Either that or I will end up wasting time fretting about yet another of life's little worries - the other being, as usual, how to keep the laundry pile under control. Widget's latest trend to wear two shirts at a time (and two pairs of underpants, no idea, don't ask) is doing my head in. Blame Other Half as he seems to have set the trend years ago to 'double shirt'* and appears oblivious to the growing mound of t-shirts on the sofa in our bedroom. Soon they will sprout legs and walk themselves to the laundry basket. Probably out of sheer frustration.

Sorry, digression again.

Anyway, about that not being lazy bit. Just wanted to state for the record that laundry aside I have also managed this weekend to (so far):
- flip the mattress over on our bed (king-size, on my own, a calculated effort of precision and timing to ensure latest gadgets residing on bedside table did not get smashed in the process as only noticed their unfavourable location after hoiking said mattress to the mid-balance point-of-no-return)
- cook three-course dinner for eight (with usual element of experimentation - no threats of legal action, yet, in this regard)
- wash the dog
- mow the lawn AND strim the edges
- take kids to playground so they could run around and defrost parts of their bodies that the polar temperatures had affected during the bike ride along the river.

Somehow the weekend FT will not get read until later during the week methinks.

Now, let's see if this post updates properly on other sites.

* I may not have invented this term, but in essence it means wearing two t-shirts on top of each other rather than, say, a shirt and a vest OR a shirt and sweater, all in the name of keeping warm. Supposedly. Personally I just think it is a fashion statement of sorts.


  1. Your post updated on mine. My laundry pile is nowhere near under control and my weekend has not been nearly as productive as yours...

  2. I've just noticed I have lots and lots of your post suddenly come up on google reader ... haven't been ignoring you just they weren't there (honest, cleared it a few days back)

    Still nice to have you back, even if you make me feel horribly unproductive

  3. Wow. Your busyness is Impressive. Must see if your post IS updated... I just came from one of your comments. If you see what I mean. x

  4. My OH thought he'd invented that term/trend back in the early 90s when we first met. BritPop was just about to arrive on our scenes, we were dancing to Oasis's Cigarettes n alcohol in Timepiece in Exeter - and he was wearing 2 shirts. One of which was usually a blue GAP checked one. Them was the days.


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