Monday, 7 December 2009

When to act your age and not your shoe size

Day 15 of the daily post effort - yippee, half way!

So Mr Man plays rugby under-7s on Sundays. Other Half used to play years ago and gave up when he moved to London and joined a club. In the first half of one of the early games there were two broken legs. He decided to change sport soon after, not willing to up the tally.

But, of course when you have children and they are involved in sporting activities, as a parent you join in. Cue Other Half now training to become a rugby coach, as are many of the other dads.

After the first coaching session a couple of weeks ago, they were divided into teams for a game of tag rubgy, ie no body contact or tackling.

By the end of the (short) match, there were some 19-odd grown-up men on the side line with injuries of various sorts: torn hamstrings, twisted ankles, groin strains...

Other Half was 'undamaged'. Plus he scored an impressive six tries. Can now understand his keenness for Mr Man to play winger, just like his dad. For once age has made him wiser and kept him out of harm's way.

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