Friday, 4 December 2009

What Kevin did next (or rather another case of "once upon a time")

Day 12 - still here despite everything.

One of Kevin's lovely ladies went into a bookstore to find the latest novel on the reading list. She looked and she looked and she looked, to no avail.

She approached the fellow at the help desk and asked him for assistance.

"Do you have a book called 'A Scandalous Woman'?" she asked.

He looked perplexed. And then he smiled complicitly at her.

"Is it an erotic novel madam?"

Kevin's lovely lady was horrified.

"Good heavens," she exclaimed. "I'll have you know I belong to a serious book club!"

She found the book, eventually. 'A Scandalous Life' was its title. Not that far off really. Including the content.


  1. A scandalous life would be ever so much fun. Is it too late for me to try and develop one?

  2. I want one, I want one!! Nothing like a scandalous existence, I'm sure. x

  3. FM - never too late. I can provide guidance but may have to charge you.

    LWM - try wearing lacy lingerie under see-through dressing-gown next time the handy-man knocks, and take it from there. Advise to keep your feet warm if wearing same during trip to supermarket as can be a bit chilly in the refrigerator section.


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