Sunday, 6 December 2009

Slight change of plan

The daily post will continue, there is one ready and waiting to 'ship out the door' which will be posted later today.

However, due to the manner in which some people have been purposely misinterpreting this blog and past posts (see note about 'freedom of speech' to your right), I have been forced to change the manner in which it is visible to the outer web sphere. 

It is therefore - until further notice - only going to be visible to those whom I choose to see it. Should you not have been included on this list (I won't say 'exclusive' as that definitely sounds too pretentious) but would still like to pop by and have a read and a laugh - and can appreciate the tongue-in-cheek sarcastic take of my ramblings - then please drop me a line and I would be delighted to add you to the audience again.

I won't apologise for the inconvenience it will undoubtedly cause, but will say that, once more, 'normal service will resume shortly'.

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