Sunday, 13 December 2009

On the road again, or was that a pig flying past my window?

Day 21 of the daily post... and I should just make it in time.

Once more on board the Crappy-air flight home. A lovely weekend catching up with friends and family, enjoying great food and good company. And learning things about people whom you have known since teenage years which still surprise you. Or maybe - more importantly - make you re-evaluate your opinions of individuals formed during the 'superficial' years of your life (I say this recognising that I was not particularly profound as a teenager, and easily influenced by what was cool and fashionable).

For example: discovering that a motorbike-mad friend is hugely knowledgeable about Irish folk music, despite never having lived there or even dated someone hailing from the Emerald Isle. Or learning that another friend is a full-time triathlete whose true profession (law) is now a 'hobby'. Or even that someone you believed to be totally aloof and living in a parallel universe somewhere, is actually highly reliable and has a heart of gold.

It is the small things that make you appreciate people and realise why you care about certain individuals, what makes them special. I have no doubt that in times of strife I can count on some friends to drop everything and come to my assistance, as I would do for them.

Of course there is also the other extreme. The time when I gave a girlfriend a week's notice of my impending trip for work to her home city, only to be told that she was going to the gym the particular evening I proposed to meet up for dinner. But, she replied, we could meet afterwards for a drink. At 10.30pm. Hmmm, let me think. Long day with clients, early start again next morning. Er, no thanks. Funnily enough we are no longer in touch.

So, the point about pigs flying, as per the title of this blog post. I think it just goes to say that you should never be surprised by things that, well, are surprising, but in the nicest possible way. It is life-enriching.

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  1. I like being surprised by people - in a nice way of course.


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