Saturday, 12 December 2009

Observations from the upper deck (that'd be my brain then, not the bus)

Day 20 - OMG, only 10 days to go? [I do hope you have noted that I am posting 2 sequential blogs to make up for the 'shortfall' due to time difference (cough cough), I am that conscientious...]

Following on from the previous day's post. So I am 'elsewhere' this weekend. I thought I should reminisce a moment about the last Mummys' night which took place on Thursday and was hosted by the gorgeous Canadian Mummy (CM). A total of 15 lovely ladies eating, drinking, catching up, gossiping, laughing and partaking in a Secret Santa.

No, this is not some subversive sexual game involving the reindeer and the keys to the big man's grotto. For those not in the know: all names are put into a hat prior to the event, you then draw one out and buy a (secret) present for that person, maximum spend £10. You then bring said present (wrapped and labeled), along with a plate of food and a bottle of wine, to the hostess's venue and enjoy the proceedings. The aim is to not know - or try to find out - who bought what for whom.

I must say some of the presents were spot on, some were very well thought out, and some were really funny. They were all fantastic, no exceptions. What we all wanted to know is how CM's Secret Santa knew the exact shoe size for her fluffy slippers. A lucky guess? A timely observation? A furtive phone call to the hubby (no chance, he would have got it wrong, we all know that). I think maybe that CM should try and recollect if there was anyone standing particularly close to her over the past few days during drop-off or pick-up and surreptitiously lining up their own foot against hers, in the hope it would give them an indication of size. If queried they might have answered about forward planning for the three-legged race next sports day and seeking appropriate partners.

Either that or they might have just admitted to a foot fetish of Canadian proportions.

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